Posted by: minz | September 12, 2008

Look who’s new in the neighborhood?

I am trying (and failing) to figure out which is which at the dashboard as I write this entry. While I still can’t seem to put all my widgets at their right places ( why is my feedjit not showing?), I am just happy to made this move to the infamous wordpress:)

I’m keeping the name but ditching the custom header. I like the one above much better. (I shot this at sunny Boracay whilst sipping on my banana shake and humming to Sarah Geronimo’s A Very Special Love )  Anyhow, I have yet to update my links and god knows, a million other things before I can get this blog going. But me being me, that would all have to wait.

In the meantime, this mummy here is excited. It’s Sofia’s first soccer lessons tomorrow. After a month of cancellation due to the strange, err, bad weather and her being sick, it will finally push through at Forbes’ Park, literally at the village’s park. Shout-outs to my highschool classmate Butch, who started giving these lessons recently to toddlers aged 2-5. I get migraines teaching my kid to tie her shoelaces– so I’d have to give it to him for attempting to scream out instructions to these little tykes who, I can imagine, end up kicking each other’s shins instead of the ball.

Santi is a little disturbed by the prospect of Pea getting hurt. But that’s why we are going with her, to make sure it doesn’t get even close to nasty. Plus, that’s what makes it a sport. It can get physical. Otherwise, I told him, we can just have her take wushu lessons (which is also why wushu is not a medal-winning event in the Olympics, right?) the defense rested after that. Objection overruled:)

I sure hope the weather cooperates tomorrow, in the same manner that I hope I figure out my new environment here. Still, new is good. And it can only get better.

Here is to my new corner of the blogosphere!


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