Posted by: minz | September 17, 2008

Someone needs a sick and tired leave

I’m a bundle of sniffles and it doesn’t feel nice. This is why I brand PAGASA as hopeless. What was forecasted to be a sunny day for soccer turned into a prelude to Hurricane Ike. All of a sudden, and I mean it when I say “sudden”, it rained buckets on three hapless Maradona- wannabes in the park. We made a mad dash for the car to no avail. Soaked is an understatement. We were tsunamied. Now, we have a sneezing contest at home and I think I’ll win the tuseran trophy.

These are the times I’d give anything for a leave. Two more months of probation and I’m there. Come to think of it, the employees I investigate are better off than me. “Regular” never sounded so good.




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