Posted by: minz | September 22, 2008

Off to see Mickey!

After a few nights of indecision, hubby and I decided to forego with the Dora party for Sofia’s third birthday and go to Hongkong Disneyland instead. Given the oh-so reasonable airline rates these days, it seemed more practical to give it a shot. I still can’t avail of the free-of-charge Cebu Pacific tickets until I’m regularized so I had to scour for tour packages online. I stumbled upon T&J Travel and Tour and checked out their rates which, thankfully, were affordable. I’ve been to HK long time ago and I know memory will not serve me right this time. So I chose to pick a package that included a city tour along with the Disney one. I opted not to take yaya along primarily because she still doesn’t have a passport and also, we felt this is the best time for the three of us to bond. Three days and two nights with our ever-energetic three-year old. It’s a good thing that she now recognizes Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the rest of the crew. I just hope Santi and I can hold up with all the running, jostling, riding and queuing (for heaven’ sake!) that will surely happen in the happiest place in the world. I intend to bring my reliable cross-trainers and will advise him to ditch his leather ones. It will also be his first-time to travel out of the country, I just realized. I will be with a couple of first-timers!

I’m simply amazed at how “small” the world has become. And happy that Sofia gets to experience it this early. Many, many thanks to cheaper airline tickets, efficient travel agencies and of course, to the Top Man who continues to bless this family in great, Disneywide proportions!


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