Posted by: minz | September 27, 2008

Yea Bo! Yea Bo! Ateneo Rah!

Nothing could have stopped me from watching THE game of the year for die-hard Ateneans like us. So I bolted from the office and landed at Chili’s Morato to catch it with a bunch of Atenistas who , I figured, also feigned sickness to get out of work. I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces from college. There was Lester on the the bar who said hello to me. He was our trainer for the womens’ team some 12 years ago. Memories of him taping our ankles before our UAAP games flooded in. Yes, I did play basketball for Ateneo. Yes, that still makes up one of my life’s proudest memories! I tried to contact C but she was right in the middle of a meeting in Makati. No dice. Realizing that I would have nobody to share my table with, I moved into the bar instead with my bottomless iced tea and tacos. Then the fun began. Ateneo vs. La Salle.The most storied collegiate rivalry ever, whether on or off the court. They say there is  a tie-break , the tie being which the better school is. The “break” allegedly happens in the basketball court. I beg to the disagree. HA! There is no tie, excuse me. One can even ask them who they think has the edge in that department. They will give the same answer, albeit grudgingly. Whatever happens on-court is just a “bonus” for us , at least.

I was confident that we will win it this time. Ateneo almost swept the eliminations. The Eagles brought home most of the individual awards. We won game 1 convincingly. It was just a matter of time. The Eagles had a 15-point lead at half-time. As the Archers chipped it slowly down to 4, one of their star players was caught by the referees giving the finger to one of the blue shirts. He denied it. The replay was inconclusive. But if you asked the hundred people watching at Chili’s LCD, that was a finger alright. He was thrown out. La Salle could not recover. They lost.

Yes, we won the championship! Everyone went wild in Chili’s. After six years of humble defeats, we finally brought home the bacon! When La Salle was called to receive their runner-up trophies, they didn’t come out to receive it. I’m not sure how they do things over there, but it speaks volumes of how “class” and “grace” seem to be lost on them. Understandably, their players were hurt. They probably could not bring themselves to get out of the locker room, but where were the teachers? alumni? Their UAAp representatives? The crowd waited for at at least one of them to receive the trophy. None. Nobody came out.

Res ipsa loquitor. The thing speaks for itself. In my world, that’s how we refer to things that , on its face, need no further explanation.

I recall the lyrics to our Song for Mary, the Atenean Hym, which we sing with pride in good days and bad.


But of course, we already know that. I guess, that’s why there is no tie-break.



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