Posted by: minz | September 29, 2008

5 Things to be Happy about:

It was in New York that I discovered blogging. At first it was due to lack of things to do in a new place I intended to call home. Then it blossomed into a love affair, really, and I can’t imagine putting an end to it anytime soon. It’s almost a bad habit. Hard to break.

One of the first blogs I came across with is Dinna’s. She’s a Filipina making a life in New York with her husband and son, Angelo. I remember feeling awestruck by her writing because she always had something significant to say about seemingly trivial things like her coffeemaker, her collection of shoes, blogging on the way to work, Starbucks mugs, lighthouses. You’d be amaze how she could tell little stories about these things as if they are characters in telenovelas. And it’s because they are characters in her life that matter.

And that’s how blogging should be about. Writing about things that mean something to you. That way, when people chance upon your blog, they could see your heart, and maybe find something in it that they identify with. Then both writer and reader would have made their worlds a little bigger. Isn’t that awesome?

So as a homage to Dinna, my first “idol” in the blogosphere, I’d like to adopt one of her blog staples: 5 things to be happy about. Sometimes there’s no need to expound on things. They just ARE.  They simply put meaning to living and give reason to look forward to the next day.

Here’s my first go at it:

5 Things to be Happy about

1. second chances
2. choosing Santi
3. raising sofia
4. blogging
5. sunshine on my window



  1. Wow, Mina.. I am humbled by the reference and am so happy I spurred you on to write because you deserve this corner of the blogsphere.. keep writing!

  2. Hi dinna!

    Wow, you actually found me here. Hope all is well with you in the Big Apple. I read your entries so that I don’t have to miss it too much. As regards writing, I guess i have no plans of stopping now:) I’ve you to thank for that!

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