Posted by: minz | October 3, 2008

Yesterday is History

My good friend, D, had a birthday party at Dencio’s ABS-CBN (this joint is turning out to be a favorite lately) a couple of days ago. Still feeling bummed out by the harrowing event the day before, a night-out with the gang is just what I needed.  I was looking forward to it for many reasons.

I knew we would ALL be there.

I love my friends. That might sound too cliche but it’s true. There is so much history amongst us in the past ten years since we met in law school. A lot of ups and downs. Up will be when most of us passed the bar a few years back. That is probably the highlight of this decade-old ganghood. Down would be..uggh..many things. Catfights, mostly between the girls, about each others’ attitude, spending habits, wardrobe, utang, utang-na-loob. Almost everything that people in such close proximity bicker about. And of course, break-ups. Bad,bad break-ups between those who gravitated towards each other and never expected shit to happen between couples who were first and foremost, friends. I don’t want to get into specifics. More of I can’t get into specifics out of respect to those who might not appreciate their lives laid bare here. Suffice to say that  nothing was the same after those break-ups. People took sides. People got hurt. At best, everybody coped. But there was always something missing because how does one truly have closure with a friend? How?

I still don’t have the answer for that, by the way. What I do know is that “glad”, “happy”, and even “ecstatic” cannot fully describe how I felt seeing personalities that I thought I’d never see again, together in one place, without hurling invectives or ashtrays at each other. But they were there. Sitting comfortably, laughing, teasing, as if nothing horrible happened between them, between all of us. We talked about stuff, the funny stuff, that happened after the crap hit the fan.

Like that day when birthday boy, D, got so drunk after C broke up with him and started to take off his flowery, Raul Roco-like shirt to show off his “muscular” arms as evidence that he was doing fine. Right. We had to send him home early because of that.

Meanwhile, the other “ex-couple” was giving it to J, who now owns the ex-couple’s car, complaining that it didn’t use to stall when they were driving it. To this, J shot back: ” Taas na mga kamay ko, forgive me Lord! e di sa inyo na ulet!” Laughter followed for thirty minutes after that.

I don’t know who floated it but we all got into an argument about what was said by some turtle  in Kung Fu Panda.  This is how I remembered it, if you trust my San Miguel Light-infused memory, that is.

Santi: Cge nga, anu sabi ni Master Yug- Wei? Yesterday is….?

D: Yesterday is… PAST!

Santi: Gagu! nagmamarunung ka na naman! Yesterday is history!

D: Hanep, PAST un!

B: Hinde nga sabi e! history kse ung history rhyme ng mystery! tomorrow is a mystery ung kasunud! Shunga!

J: Tama! basta ung huli, Today is a gip!

ALL OF US: “Gip” pala ha!

And that’s how we ended that night. I’d say we’ve come farther than we thought we could. We got one thing right, this time. Today is indeed, a gift, that’s why it’s called present.

Father time can’t heal everything, I suppose, but friends can try.



  1. mukang ansaya-saya nyo ah? nainggit naman daw ako… 🙂 ibati mo na lang ako ng habeerday ke “D” hehehe!

  2. sure ate! este “G”! miss ka na namen! uwi na!

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