Posted by: minz | October 6, 2008

On a Sunday afternoon

The thing about Sundays I like is spending time with the two look-alikes. The whole day is spent fighting over what DVD to watch, the result of which is always the same. KUNG FU PANDA. Cars and Tarzan are slowly inching their way to Sofia’s good graces. However, until then, we are stuck with the “Big, Fat, Panda”. Santi swears he has noodle dreams in his sleep.

Afternoons are for going to Papa Jesus’ house. The little tyke can do with more patience for hearing mass–she decides that it’s going-home time right before communion. I can’t remember the last time we actually finished one. Yesterday’s attempt was once again futile. She was out the door by the second reading, with her Daddy in tow.

Now that I think about it, how do parents hear the word of God in the middle of questions like, “Mommy, whose house is this again?”, “Can I make wee-wee?”, ” Mommy! There’s a monster!!”. The last one had me doing a 360, checking if our seatmates heard it and praying they hadn’t. I was afraid it was one of them my three-year old was talking about. I wouldn’t know what to say.

Sunday dinners are no-brainers. Jollibee is unbeatable. If chicken joys were stocks, Santi and I are majority share-holders. You’d see our names in their annual list. I’m even pretty certain we’d qualify for dividends.

For the first time yesterday, we put our foot down. We entered the unknown corridors of Pizza Hut which conveniently sits right beside Jollibee in Blue Wave. Told Ms. Chicken Joy that Jollibee is sick. Very sick. So we should get some pizza instead. To our relief, she seemed to buy it. Lo and behold, when asked what she wanted to have, (drum roll please!) she happily answered, ” CHICKEN BOY!”. Gad. Somehow we had her convinced that the roasted chicken they served was chicken joy gone black. Before she could think of reasons why it’s not, I saw this in the menu.

Fondue for 99 pesos! Even Santi went crazy over it. It wasn’t bad for less than two bucks–and the chocolate was top of the line. Little Ms. Chicken Joy forgot her issues for awhile and dumped the mallows gleefully into her mouth.

Cheers to a new discovery! Maybe we can give Jollibee a rest for now.


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