Posted by: minz | October 8, 2008

Counting down to the pre-school exam

Sofia will be taking her exam to pre-school in a few minutes. And I am a bundle of nerves. I think she’s got her shapes down to a T. But methinks that my little girl is somewhat colorblind. Everything in her world is red or white. (Or has the dad inundated her with the Bedan spirit behind my Atenean back? Hmm) At any rate, the Brainy Baby series really helped. I wish I had introduced her to these much earlier. Now she can differentiate that the moon is sometimes a crescent and not a circle. Or that the heptagon has five sides while the hexagon has six. Cool, huh? Things that kids learn nowadays. I don’t remember having crescents and hexagons in my radar when I was three. Heck, when I was three, I lived for Niknok and Digong Dilaw. But of course, we didn’t have Brainy baby, Brilliant Baby or Baby Einstein back in the day.  We were all simply Batibot babies:)

Anyway, Santi is urging me not to stress about it. He says that we have covered all the bases and that the little girl is up to speed. And if she is not, she enjoys that right–she’s not even three! She will be the youngest in her class if she passes this exam.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty for breathing down her back, sort of. That’s what Santi says I do. I just want her to like school and learning. And not think of it as a place for punishment like some kids do. Santi is convinced that I am gearing her up for law school which is so not fair. I’m not. really. Well. a little, yes. But for the most part, no. Whatever she decides to do, I will be right beside her.

For now, I’m just being…. a stage mummy!!!



  1. ate,

    bigyan mo naman ng buhay ang inaanak ko…tigilan ang pressure!!! 🙂

  2. it’s the only way ate, baka matulad sa nanay puro goodtime! so damay ka den dun heheheh!

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