Posted by: minz | October 10, 2008

Chanelling my inner Horatio Caine

This is what I get for being a CSI addict.

I wish H was real. Real as in he truly lurks around, in his aviator shades, hunting down the bad guys. Scaring the bejesus out them. Making citizens of Miami feel safer. I especially love his one-liners that open every episode. Some say they are cheesy as hell. I beg to differ. CSI Miami has the best damn writers in the history of prime-time TV.

Last night I caught one of its older episodes.That one where a journalist murdered a colleague so he can kill her story? And the killer was cocky, too. He figured that he could get away from it unscathed until H dished this one out to him:

You know, Josh, the truth has its way of finding daylight.”


I guess I had too much of it last night that I even quoted it to friend I was chatting with minutes ago. Someone who is in a rather dark place right now. I tweaked it a bit and sent it to her.

“You know, R, love, likewise, has its way of finding daylight.

May they find find their way for all of us. Both truth and love.

Meantime, kudos all around to H for being the coolest cop in television.

“You hit a cop, you hit us all.”–Horatio Caine


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