Posted by: minz | October 12, 2008

A weekend back home

It’s been two months since we moved in to our litle place here by the bay. After the last box  was unpacked, I must say we’re finally settled. Santi and I thought it was time to spend the weekend with my parents in BF. Apparently, he’s longing for my Mom’s smorgasbord, home-cooked lunches and Manang Remy’s massage. While I surprisingly missed the hustle and bustle of the village. So off we went our merry way to Concha Cruz

As the family usually does every Saturday, we trooped to Lolo’s corner in Manila Memorial where he is the undisputed MVP. Most Visited Patay. I kid you not. My lolo has visitors every weekend that can give Ninoy Aquino and Rico Yan a run for their money. We already have put up a tent there for our Saturday meriendas. This time we had corn on the cob, cinnamon rolls and kutsinta. Very, very odd combination that was consumed in its entirety, nonetheless.

After the quick visit, Mom and I headed to Alabang Town Center and caught Leonardo di Caprio’s new flick, Body of Lies. Another stellar performance by both him and Russel Crowe . I’m feeling the Oscar buzz this early. Leo, in particular, was utterly convincing as an Arabic speaking CIA field agent assigned in the Middle East. Just like his character in Blood Diamond, he completely nailed the language right down to the accent. I was floored. Is there anything that this man can’t do?  Halfway to the movie, Mom fell asleep. Not even Leo’s devilish blue eyes could rouse her. I ended up recounting what happened on the way home.

The next day, I ate everything on sight. I had requested for menudo with heaps of hotdogs and raisins. Mom threw in some bopis, dinuguan and steamed dori just to make sure she wouldn’t run out of food to feed this family. So there I was, eating like there was no tomorrow. I probably gained 10 pounds, easy, now that I think about it. Waah.

Weekend was over before we knew it. Dad asked me to buy his Lotto tickets for him on our way out of BF. I have this knack for winning Bingo games, raffles and the like. He’s convinced we are bound to hit the jackpot sometime. While I am more conservative about our, ehem, chances, I obliged. Especially when I saw a big, fat 4  in line as his first number. That’s my birth date and it reminded me how I was still a daddy’s girl  after all.

Here I am back in the comforts of my own bed, missing home again. I’m wondering if I’d ever get to the point when “home” refers to this place by the bay.


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