Posted by: minz | October 14, 2008

The lions shall congregate

After a much ballyhooed discussion over it, Santi and I reached a compromise about cooking school. I can enroll at CACS (Yey!) but will have to postpone it to this summer. I know  that it makes more sense given the expenses at hand. Christmas is right around the corner and we are slated to fly to Cebu.  Plus, we will be informed of Sofia’s exam results by then, on the 19th of December to be exact.  If she makes it, we would have a preschooler to pay tuition for by January. So that’s that. Know your priorities, I can almost hear my Mom say. I’m hearing her.  At least, I have something to look forward to this summer,  in my quest for the perfect hobby. Pots and pans, I shall come!

In the meantime, Santi is excited for Friday like a fat kid craves for cake. He will be attending his college reunion 10 years after the fact. Though I’m sure that he liked his time in law school ( “because it was there that I met you, baby!”), I get the feeling that he found out who he was and what he was about in college. See, my favorite thing about Santi is that he is simple, easy to please, and incredibly honest. Much of that I’d credit to his years spent in San Beda where he’d have fishballs for lunch and be just fine. Back then, he was happy with his daily baon of  sixty pesos because it was more than enough for tapsilog in Goodah or half-day of pusoy with his all-testosterone classmates. Oh how he loved his boys. To my mind, Beda has always been and always will be one big fraternity. If there was one time that I can recall Santi having a fit, it was when Beda decided to accept women in their college. “Let them go to laws school but not CAS”, he ranted. He is still, to date, grumbling over it.

This Friday he will be a fish back in water. All 38 of them in his Philosophy block will meet and immerse themselves with the glory of their recent three-peat. Maybe sing the Bedan Hymn thereafter. Boys will be boys. Bedans will be Bedans, what else can I say?

I promised to pass by to take pictures and have the event memorexed. I’m considering thanking the boys for watching out for Santi. For being in his life when they were, when I was still a few years out. I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way because I know I wouldn’t.



  1. I prefer the tequila-based, too. But it’s been a month since I had one (that’s after almost 4 months of not having any)! haaaaaaaaaaaayyyy… i’m thirsty… 😦

  2. I think you posted this in the wrong entry ate hahaha. kulang ka na nga sa margarita!

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