Posted by: minz | October 20, 2008

Nothing that a frozen, blue margarita can’t fix

One of my guilty pleasures is  a frozen blue margarita on a Friday night. It’s one of those things I picked up in my New York sojourn aside from baseball and bagels. It hasn’t left me since.

When I was in my 20’s, nothing could keep me away from my San Miguel light. I could chug bottles and bottles of it and somehow managed to stay right side up. Besides, it was cheaper and well-within my student allowance’s reach. Nowadays, I can barely take in a bottle or two without feeling the alcohol , not to mention the calories, pile up in my stomach. Turning thirty does funny things to you that are not so funny afterall. You turn soft all of a sudden. Argg. So this is the point when  I realized that my gallstones cannot, for the life of them, take the drinking-like-it’s-going-out-of-style anymore. As a result of  this  new-found resolution, some of my girlfriends and I ventured into finding the perfect ladies’ drink this side of Manila. I think we have!

Margarita baby!

A Margarita can come either by lemon or lime mixed with tequila or vodka. I’m partial to the tequila-based one. My peg for a good mix is if I can drink either by itself without any problem. I’ve had problems (serious ones) with vodka. I veer away from it as much as I can. Tequila, for me, is just right. Standing alone, it’s so primitive and dangerous (I’m sure y’all know what I mean!). Once mixed with lemon or lime, it becomes a sexy drink which suits me well. I like to feel sexy when I drink, far removed from my early years of drinking to get bushed. Bah.

There are a couple of places in Manila where they serve some kick-butt margaritas. Pier 1 does a pretty good job with theirs. If you and your friends aim to really party the night away, then Pier 1 Margaritas are just what you need. They can serve it in pitchers, if that’s what you have in mind. They also have vodka-based ones which , as I have said, can throw all your inhibitions out the window.

On the other hand, Dencio’s version is of the laid-back kind. If you want to grab a margarita and still have a  relatively decent conversation with your friends (or a date), then this is your place to be. It’s a bit too mild for my tastes, though. I end up finishing a whole pitcher and still won’t feel the slightest buzz. But they are good for the light-drinker, if there are such in Manila.

Finally, my most favorite Margarita place is Chili’s! A few months back they had a Margarita-all-you-can for 350 pesos. It was worth every penny. They serve it in tall glasses as oppose to the regular goblets. You can just imagine, right? They also have the strawberry flavored ones which is a rare find in the city. It’s the ultimate ladies drink, if you ask me. *wink*

I’m feeling a bit thirsty after writing all these down. I think a blue one is in order. Fast.


  1. I love frozen margarita since college days. 🙂

  2. i wish i had discovered it as early as you have:)

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