Posted by: minz | October 22, 2008

Yaya’s Birthday in Paradizoo

It was Sofia’s yaya’s birthday last weekend and she asked if we could spend the day in Tagaytay. Santi and I are thankful to have a nanny who , not only cares for our child, but for us as well. She’s our cook, cleaner, mayor doma all rolled into one. Plus, Sofia loves her Yaya and I can’t imagine our family being without her. As she wished, I brought her and her friends (Mom’s house angels) to chilly Tagaytay. We grabbed a quick lunch at Leslie’s and did some sightseeing of the Taal Volcano from our table. The angels had their pictures taken while we snarfed down the bulalo and crispy pata in a matter of minutes. Sofia loves soups just like her Dad. I had a blast watching both of them have a bulalo eating contest!

Sofia and Yaya Ging

After lunch, we headed out to Paradizoo in nearby Mendez, Cavite. I’ve read about this place in many Mommy blogs and thought we could give it a try.

It is a good, fifteen-minute drive from Leslie’s. We had little trouble finding it. They charged 199 pesos as entrance fee which was good for two zoos already–Paradizoo and Tagaytay Residence Inn. Paradizoo is a farm. Naturally, it only keeps farm animals like ostriches, deer and goats. It also boasts of a flower farm and a vegetable garden that look really nice, especially in pictures. Guests can ride a golf cart to go around its 7-hectare land. Sofia and the angels rode the golf cart while Santi and I chose to walk around. I guess the little tyke was in a hunt for tigers and lions and didn’t find any there. So off we went to the other zoo to check out their wild animals!

Ogling the lama

…and the alpaca

Tagaytay Residence Inn is located along the National Highway. It takes care of more animals than Paradizoo. There was this white lion sitting at their entrance that took Sofia’s breath away. Santi, on the other hand, has a snake-phobia. He would rather jump off Taal volcano than have these scaly things around. For my part, I enjoyed looking at “Mikael”. the house tiger. He’s so big and ferocious. I became a kid all over again.

It doesn’t look like Simba, Mommy!

My Mommy does not know what you are

Mikael the Tiger

All in all, we had a great day in zoo-tripping. Yaya had an extra fun time with her friends which is what we hoped for.

Considering Sofia’s penchant for animals, we are planning to take her to Zoobic safari next time. With Yaya Ging, as always.


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