Posted by: minz | October 23, 2008

Just too darn tired

There are a million thoughts swirling in my head but I’m just too tired to make sense of them. Much less write about them in my usual, long-winded style. I only have myself to blame for the hundred one things I try to do all in one go. I tend to forget that I am not a superwoman. I can’t do it all. I figured that making a list of things I am tiring of might help so let’s see.

I’m tired of driving. It takes too much time and patience out of me that it’s not worth it anymore. Between the traffic and the scrupulous MMDA, I will not have enough blood left to boil. So there. Please, Lord, give me wings to fly instead.

I’m tired of watching Kahit Isang Saglit. Taking away nothing from Jericho and the rest of its cast, I just can’t wait that long for a happy ending. Any ending for that matter. I’ve wasted too much time waiting in this lifetime.

I’m tired of taking care of grown people. That’s it. There goes my day, right there. Last I checked, I only have one kid, she’s three and not thirty-three. So why do I get the feeling I am raising a brood of them everyday?

I’m babbling. I know. I need a massage.  I need good night’s sleep. I need some me-time. I’m tired.



  1. at sino naman ang bago mong alaga, ate? malamang hindi naman ako yan… 🙂

  2. brood ng mga alaga ate. so more than one ito! out ka na syempre, in naman asawa mo at kung sinu sinu pa gad.

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