Posted by: minz | October 24, 2008

Has it been three years?

Santi and I are days away from our third anniversary. This time we will actually have a nice and cozy dinner to celebrate it. Our first two years were tumultuous to say the least and I’m glad we’re over it. Nowadays we laugh at  how minuscule our past anniversaries figured in our lives–if we even remembered it. It’s funny because we have two friends who celebrate their birthdays on the same day. We remember to greet them but not each other. Last year was especially difficult. I was in New York  while he was here. We fought the entire time. 10,000 miles separated us and still it didn’t seem far enough from each other. Our anniversary flew by unnoticed.

I don’t want to rehash the reasons why it was that way between the hubby and me. Suffice it to say  that we are better now. Stronger. Though we still don’t have a ring on our fingers (we conveniently forgot to give each other one or our wedding day, how’s that for being unprepared?), we are more married now than ever before. For us, that’s what matters.

Since ironing out the kinks, we have been discussing the possibility of finally having a church wedding. That is arguably every woman’s dream. Well, it is still one of mine. It has been on my mind for a while now. More than the economics of having one these days, I’m concerned by it being anti-climactic in our situation. I am 31 and we have a kid. Wouldn’t it be a little ridiculous to be walking down the aisle at this age with our three-year old as flower girl? A lot of couples have done it, I know. I’m not sure if we are that kind of couple. Still, I am looking at dates already, just in case we decide to. One is on October next year and the other is on March of 2010. I get excited thinking about it. Hopefully, this will find its resolution soon before I grow more wrinkles.

I’ve already finagled a gift for Santi. Nothing fancy but, at least, I know he will like it. For my part, I don’t really want anything except, maybe, pig out in Spiral. For me, nothing beats eating out and eating out with Santi. I hope he got the hint when I asked him about our membership and discounts in Sofitel. Husbands and hints, not a very good combination. I  am keeping my fingers crossed, anyway, as I do everyday. It’s a hit and miss thing. But marrying Santi was definitely a hit. Three years and counting:)


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