Posted by: minz | October 27, 2008

Stage sister on loose

My 28-year old brother has a new girlfriend. It has come as a surprise considering he hasn’t had one for years. After two ex-girlfriends cheated on him with two of his best friends, we doubted if he’d ever get into another relationship again. He gave “burnt” an entirely new meaning. He stopped eating rice, exercised like crazy, lost over 50 pounds since then. My brother was a walking heartbreak and because of that my Mom, sister and I became fiercely protective of him in the love department.

Over the weekend, we stumbled upon some juicy news that he’s now playing sweet music with a girl introduced by one of our cousins. Although he is still mum about it, we sensed that there was some truth to it. Our instinct was somewhat confirmed last Saturday, during the blessing of our parents’ house. The girl’s family came in full force to my Mom’s consternation.  I wasn’t sure if she could keep the plastic smile on her face for that long but she tried.  I had a hard time stifling my laughter at her poor attempt to make nice. My sister and I did not even try. We already made our staunch objections known by staying away from the scene.

For starters, the girl is only 17, my brother is 28. Good Lord, seventeen-year-olds don’t have any business being around grown men and that’s a fact. This is why I was flabbergasted at how the girl’s mother could allow her daughter to even entertain my brother’s advances, however honorable they may seem. More than that, she obviously supports it. She was quoted as saying that he likes my brother because he is educated and well-mannered. He will also turn 29 in two months, if I may add. At this point, there’s a good chance he already knows what he wants. I wish we can say the same thing for the girl. But what did we know when we were seventeen?

I’m wondering if we are all over reacting or if our defense mechanisms are kicking in, yet again. My Dad reckons that, at the rate we’re going, his son might never get married at all. No girl seems good enough for the ladies (lionesses?) in his house. I can’t exactly agree with that. I’d like to think we are just looking after him in the way that we know how. Or the way that we should. I can’t let go of the fact that one of the exes who hurt him was my best friend when it happened.

Plus, Sofia is not ready to lose Tito Joel just yet. He’s her favorite person even if they fight a lot.

Having feisty sisters around sure must suck for him this time. Bottom line is, as for me, I am my brother’s keeper, whether he likes it or not. This “ate” is here to stay and place a continuing, “Objection, Your Honor!”.



  1. OMG! i don’t think i’m ready to lose Cappy to a 17-year old either… and I’m just the ate’s best friend here…

  2. wait before they get confused, hindi ikaw ang nangloko sa kanya hahahha. ibang bFF un!

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