Posted by: minz | November 4, 2008

Gaga over Rafa

My sister’s facebook status reads, “I’m leaving for Shanghai in 8 days but is sad about it.” And I share her “sadness”.

As a present for her birthday, my folks gifted her with a trip to Shanghai to watch the ATP Tennis Masters, where she could finally meet Rafael Nadal in the flesh. That’s right, Rafa. The world’s Number One tennis player today. And also my sister’s hapless, unknowing “boyfriend”. She must have read every bit of information the internet has about him in that she knows were he is at any given day, if he was on tour. She devoured his blog like a madwoman and painstakingly tried to understand the man’s broken Spanglish. She learned a smattering of Spanish phrases like,”Vamos, Rafa!” in hopes that she will be able to finally scream it out loud at the Shanghai Master’s.

Alas, fate played a cruel joke on her. Rafa retired from his match in the Paris Master’s last week citing an injured leg. He could barely walk. We all caught that match on TV and I started to fear that the injury will disable him from the Shanghai Masters. My sister was in the foulest of moods this weekend. Her bags were packed, after all. She has waited for this moment forever.

Today, our worst fears were realized. Rafa pulled out of the Shanghai’ Masters  due to the injury and left his number one fan inconsolable. It will be useless, if not insensitive, to tell her that at least, Roger will be there. It’s like ordering pizza and getting a burger instead. We can’t exactly say, “you’ll catch him next time” because all the other ATP venues are outside Asia. This year is Shanghai’s last time to cover the Masters’ before it is transferred to London. Bah. What a  bummer.  I won’t be surprised if there is some pulling of hair happening right now in my parents’ house.

Sometimes it’s tough being a fan. (Memories of the Eraserheads reunion concert cut short are flashing by. When do we get the take 2?) At the end of the day, you take whatever you can get even if you have spent sleepless nights, saved enough moolah, got all your props down for it. Sometimes it’s all for naught.

As it is now with my sister, Rafa went from VAMOS to VANISHED. I feel her pain, oh  yes I do.


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