Posted by: minz | November 7, 2008

For Sofia, on her 3rd birthday

Dear Yang,


I can’t believe that time seems to fly now that you’re three. Wasn’t it just yesterday when we walked up to the hospital by ourselves because you decided to meet the world two weeks in advance? Daddy was in court while lola was on an airplane trying in vain to make it for your big day. The two of us literally did it on our own and, boy, did we have a blast. You were out in a blink of an eye. I knew  then you will always be in a hurry as you are now. In a hurry to walk (strollers and you don’t quite agree with each other), in a hurry to count (either that or you must really, really dislike six and sixteens), in a hurry for school (that’s a pretty good sign), in a hurry for life.

But Daddy and I wish you don’t grow up too fast. We love listening to your giggles and your endless questions about colors and shapes. We love watching Kung Fu Panda with you even for the millionth time. We love being woken up by you very early in the morning, including weekends.  We love going home everyday knowing that you will be there to open the door us.

We love you, baby girl. You give us joy in ways that we never could have imagined.

Happy birthday!




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