Posted by: minz | November 20, 2008

Despite things of late, Christmas (and coffee) is around the corner

Due to the latest fiasco I was unfortunate to involve myself lately, I almost didn’t notice that the air is a little cooler, traffic is worse and the red cups in Starbucks are back! That could only mean one thing. Christmas is definitely around the corner. I’m making a mental note to go Christmas Tree hunting with Santi. It will be our first Christmas in our new home and we’re beyond thrilled.

For now, I am quietly spending lunch-breaks at Starbucks, ingesting indiscriminate amounts of coffee in hopes of wangling a couple of planners in time for Christmas. I used to aim for only one but since Santi loved last year’s edition, I ended up collecting stickers for him as well. Now, I have two Starbucks’ sticker cards to fill up and about twenty more mocha frappucinos to go. I took a peek at the latest edition the store is set to give away and, personally, I think last year’s was better. What they have now is uber plain and frosty looking (though they have it in three colors) unlike last year’s leather-bound, homey version (the paper was nice to touch). I get the feeling it will suit Santi more than me. I just get to drink all the heavenly coffee!

That’s alright. I like my quiet time over at Starbucks Galleria, lately. It’s refreshing to hear myself think. About work and how I’ll be regularized in a few days. Hear my heart pound from anxiety over friendships gone awry. Pound even more for Sofia’s impending exam results. All these red cups are getting me worked up. But I like it. Despite things of late, I’m glad it’s Christmas time.



  1. Hi mina! yes, sometimes it is good to be with ourselves lang muna. gives us time to contemplate and reflect.

    by the way, I have a tag for you:

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