Posted by: minz | November 20, 2008

The man who gives me the giggles

I made sure I remembered these snippets from my recent conversations with Santi. Then you will know why even in the midst of tough times, I still get to laugh and laugh so hard.

While discussing how much “abuloy” we will give to her sister, whose father-in-law passed away, Santi had this to say:

Me: Ok na ba ung 1,500? (Will P1, 500 be okay?)

Santi: Gawin mo ng 2,000, Nakaapat na kayo e, isa pa lang kme, buti nga nakaisa pa! ( Make it 2,000. This is our first “death” in the family this year, you’ve had four already. I’m amazed we even got one!)

Me: Baliw ka tlaga! (You’re crazy!). (fits of laughter after).


Yesterday, I asked my best friend C’s secretary to book me a flight to her Mom’s 70th birthday in Ormoc. Knowing full well how hard it is to book flights this season, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it. I was willing to lose days of work just to make it to the party. So here is what I said:

Me: (to the secretary) Dan, ipa-book mo ko ha. I promise pag na pabook mo ko, may premyo ka sakin! Kahit 2 days akong mawala ok na lang! ( Dan, please book me, okay? I promise that if you are able to, you get a prize. Even if I have to be away for two days, it’s alright!)

Santi (to the secretary):  2 days pala ha. Cge, Dan ipa-book mo misis ko . Pag na pa book mo, may premyo, Christmas bonus at 13th  month pay ka sakin! (  2 days away? Go ahead, Dan. Book a flight for my wife.  I will give you a prize, Christmas bonus and 13th month pay!).

So there, all from the man who keeps the smile on my face intact.



  1. he he he

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