Posted by: minz | November 21, 2008

No such thing

Sometime ago I wrote about how shabbily I was treated by someone in the past and how, by sheer “coincidence”, I met someone (I otherwise would have never met) who made me realize it. It was like the heavens opened up and boinked me in the head saying, “Hey Minz, wake up and smell the darn cappuccino. This person doesn’t give a hoot about you.” Well, I knew then there are no coincidences. Every single thing, event, force majeure happens for a reason. There are no accidents.  Recently, my belief was reaffirmed, this time all in one, fine day in the life of my buddy, C.

Caught in a flurry of birthday preparations of her Mom, she made a rare visit to a cousin in his office to videotape his birthday message for Nanay. She was casually waiting for her appointment to be called when she heard a girl by the reception area in an interesting telephone conversation.

As a preview, the girl was someone we knew from the not-so-distant past. A former girlfriend of our other buddy G’s boyfriend. G, by the way, is conveniently in L.A. as of this moment, starting a new job. She left a few months ago and entrusted the boyfriend to our care, whatever that meant. Taking our doubts on long-distance relationships aside, C and I summoned ourselves to give this one a shot. (I mean, if they can finally put a black man in the White House, just may be they can make one long-distance thing work!) So we put on our Adidas cap. Impossible is nothing. We chose to forget that the boyfriend was a Pinoy David Copperfield in that he disappears whenever he feels like it and also an irrepressible womanizer. G chose to forget these facts, too. The three of us suffered from self-inflicted amnesia. Woe to us.

Back to the girl in a telephone conversation, C started to overhear the conversation and, for the life of her, did not put two and two together right away. She caught bits and pieces of it like, “How are you? Are you okay? You still know my house, right?” She swears there were more than just hints of sweetness in it. As soon as it started to register in her dazed brain cells that it was G’s boyfriend on the other line, the girl called her attention to it. “Attorney, I think you might now this person here you want to talk to him?”.Or words to that effect. With her voice shaking, C managed to say a few words to Mr. David Copperfield wanna-be on the other line. At least, she didn’t forget to remind him that it was G’s phone he was using to “catch up” with reception girl. Somehow C was able to end the conversation without breaking anything in that office. Bravo.

As we had expected, the boyfriend had a gazillion of excuses up his sleeve. The girl allegedly contacted him first. That they will discuss things about the baby (yes, they have a love-child) none of which could explain why he didn’t bother to tell G beforehand that he will be calling her up. Instead, he was even on the defensive. He is convinced that he had nothing to explain as it was “personal” between him and the girl. Maybe he should have used his “personal” cell phone for that.

Wait. C’s day didn’t end there. Shaken by the mishap, she went out to grab a beer with a friend. Knowing her like I do, she must have mentioned what had just transpired to her friend. Lo and behold, this is what I mean when I say the heavens do open up, sometimes. The friend had a story to tell. It must have been the toughest day for Mr. Copperfield clone, now that I think about it. C’s beer -mate revealed that she had seen him last month, in a bar with a date. According to her, Copperfield and date sat next to each in such a way that it screamed “we are dating” right smack in the middle of Metrowalk.  But of course, had C confronted him about that, he would’ve undoubtedly told her off–that will, likewise, be “personal”.

What G opts to do with all of these is out of our jurisdiction. But for C, it was an epiphany of sorts. She was placed there that morning for more than a videotape message.  There was a bigger purpose and she had served it. Now, the two of us have woken out of our self-imposed amnesia. We told G the ball is on her court. Copperfield is all hers to figure out, if he was ever hers to begin with.

For my part, it is more of the metaphysical kind of epiphany. As hopeless as we tend to be, people can change. It’s just that most of us choose not too because it is just too hard. But that, too, is not coincidence. Let’s leave poor, old “coincidence” alone and start owning up to our choices. In the end, we carve our own fates and that brings us to where we are found, whether we like it or not.


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