Posted by: minz | November 22, 2008

Basking in the “newness” of Mommyhood, Bob Ong and…Twilight

Sofia and I are sitting lazily in her bed as I write this entry. We spent the day walking around the Mall of Asia, shooting hoops at Power Station and catching half of Madagascar 2 (she has yet to finish a full-length movie in a cinema, too dark she says). We also discovered another family activity to indulge in beside Power Station where kids and their parents can color away for hours. I am reserving a separate post for that complete with pictures. I’ve definitely added it to our regular MOA stops in the future.

One  thing I love about being a Mom is  that it is continuous hunt for things to do, places to go, shows to watch by which we can bond  with our kids. I can’t imagine my schedule without Dora shows, Pixar movies, Timezone and out-of-town trips penciled in it. Honestly, I can’t imagine not being a Mom anymore. Everyday offers something new and I get to see it through the eyes of my ever-so inquisitive and energetic daughter!

Having said that, it’s easy to be out of the loop in terms of what’s happening outside of Mom world. I got a quick reality check when I swung by Powerbooks while Sofia was busy coloring Mickey Mouse with her Dad. I can’t remember the last time I bought a book. That somehow bothered the bookworm in me so I hurriedly scanned the latest titles they had out. Before I got lost in the list, I asked if they carried any Bob Ong books and was surprised that they had the complete set. I didn’t think twice in purchasing all of his five books.  They came strongly recommended by critics and readers alike and also sold for a measly100 pesos each.  However, I can almost hear my sorority sisses (who collectively posted quotes about Bob Ong in facebook) teasing me on how it’s so five years ago. What can I say? So many things have happened to me in the last five years that somehow Bob Ong did not fall into my radar. Pwes, he’s now in the center of it. I will get to know him inside and out in five days. (Except that Bob Ong is a pseudonym and nobody really knows who he is! That seems to be a part of his mystery.)

After paying for the books, I wandered into the fiction section and saw a huge table with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series advertised on it. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and the latest, Breaking Dawn. I’ve heard all about this vampire novel from blogs, mostly. Hardly a fan of literary vampires and the like, I wasn’t sure if it was right down my alley. Some claim it is next best thing since Harry Potter. Others say it’s over-rated. Anne Rice meets Sweet Valley High. I say I need to find out what the fuss is all about before I comment on it any further. Plus, the movie is coming around in a few days and I always make sure I finish the book first before watching its movie counterpart.

Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, it wall sold out in Powerbooks so I had to make do with pre-ordering the whole set. I was bummed out at the prospect of waiting until God knows when  before I can take a bite on it, no pun intended. It’s just that catching up on my reading has  turned out to be number one in my to-do-list-outside-of-Mom-world.

The vampire gods must have gotten wind of my desire to meet Edward that when we arrived in  my parents’ house to spend the rest of the weekend, I found out that my sister has the entire set right on her book-shelf. Now, I am all set to devour the first one while waiting for the little girl to doze off.

Methinks Stephanie Meyer trumps Bob Ong tonight. Twilight beckons!



  1. naintriga tuloy ako kay Bob Ong. His name keeps popping up. Wish there was a way I could buy his books here…

  2. Hi leah!

    Magaling cya, google mo. His fans abroad have set up a website through which they can keep up with his latest books–there might be away you can order from Australia:)

  3. thanks Mina! I went to pero puro out-of-stock na eh. siguro hintayin ko na lang pag uwi namin next year. 🙂

    syangapala… Here’s a little award for you:

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