Posted by: minz | November 24, 2008

Preoccupied superwoman

Having had my nose stuck on a book for two days, it suddenly dawned on me that work has unobtrusively piled up, my sister noiselessly took the U.P. entrance exam for law, and my little corner here is getting quite a bit more traffic than usual. Obviously, I was having too much fun in vampire- land to notice these other stuff of importance. Still, I am elated (well, maybe except for the work part)

My Mom told me that Bam half-died inside Bocobo Hall the other day and I told her to chill. Unless she’s some MENSA dude or a class valedictorian, she will  find that exam everything but easy. Not only was it heck of long, the time given was ridiculous. I remember taking it years ago. I mini-miniminimo-ed my way through it which is why I found myself lurking the halls of San Beda instead. Nevertheless, I get this feeling she will fare better than me. I don’t know but I’ve always maintained that my siblings are far better equipped for school than I ever was. Especially my sister. I told her that with her writing talents, I bet she breezed through the grammar part. Now all she has to worry about is the math and abstract, the inclusion of which in any lawschool entrance exam completely eludes me. Lawyers can’t count and that’s a fact.

Seriously speaking, though, I wish that this path is meant for her as it turned out to be for me. And I’m not  saying this because I think I have the best job in the world or because we are sisters.  As she, herself, wrote in the essay part of the exam, she knows that lawyering can as easily empower or oppress depending on which side of the fence you’re on. While it can be abused and exploited, for me ,it’s as noble as the person who holds the license to practice it.  Lest I’d churn out yet another pleading, what I want to say is that I am  in needles and pins until her results come out, that’s all, thank you.

Meantime, my Twilight madness has left me oblivious to the goings-one here in  the blogosphere. I am somewhat amused by new visitors who pass by and leave a comment or two. Thank you all. You keep me in my toes despite the momentary addiction to Edward.

A shout-out to Leah who has extended to me my first blog stick-on. Wonderwoman is certainly what I hope to be in the future. Thank you.


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