Posted by: minz | November 27, 2008

My take on Twilight the Movie

After enduring sleepless nights of wild anticipation, I finally got to watch the biggest movie of the year. From the opening scene until Edward emerged for the very first time, I had my heart in my hands. Unlike Toni who let out a silent squeal, I wasn’t able to help myself. I screamed and hollered like a 15-year old to Santi’s embarrassment. He threatened to turn into a werewolf if I kept at it, and I did for the next two hours.

Having been warned to keep my expectations reasonable considering that adaptations usually don’t compare to the book, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It did not appear to be a movie made with  a measly budget of $30 million (peanuts in Hollywood standards) The cinematography was great. The acting even better. Here are some of the highlights, in my own, humble opinion.

1. Robert Pattinson was perfect as Edward Cullen. It was as if Stephanie Meyer created Edward having him in mind. He was the most good-looking vampire I had ever laid my eyes on. I loved his smile and the way he looked at Bella. He gave “desire” an entirely new meaning. I think it helped that he, reportedly, had read the first three books. From the hair to the smoldering eyes, he had Edward Cullen down pat. And I am hooked!

2. Kirsten Stewart as Bella was just right. Before I watched the movie, I already had a feeling that she will give Bella’s character a slight twist. Kirsten played it with a bit more stubbornness than I remembered reading in the book. It appealed to me more than her sappy and overly-dependent-on-Edward  self. While she was still clumsy as hell, she was more womanly than her 17-year old character. It added  more sensuality into the tension that she and Edward had at the outset. I particularly loved the scene in her bed, when they were kissing. That must have sent all of us Twilighters into fits of romantic madness!

3. The Cullens were so funny and downright beautiful. They weren’t scary or menacing at all. They made all the humans in the movie look plain and drab. I especially loved their scenes in school. How they strutted their stuff, outfits, hot cars, looking completely All-American. Rosalie was a goddess. I loved the part when she broke the salad bowl after finding out that Bella won’t be having dinner after all their crazy preparations for her. She rocked! On the other hand, I couldn’t blame Bella for wanting to be a part of a family who tries to cook food they can’t eat!

And their house. Gosh, it was straight out of a Home and Living magazine. Welcome to the 21st century vampire abode! No coffins and moats! Also, I had a good laugh at seeing all of their graduation caps hanging in the wall. That was hilarious.

Esme and Carlisle were a lovely couple. You’d never think vampires can show such magnitude of human  compassion. I was almost in tears during that baseball scene when all of them looked like a normal and happy family. It broke my heart. The bond they had was palpable throughout the whole film which is truly central to the story and to Edward’s character as a reluctant immortal.

Without a doubt, Peter Facinelli stole the show. Though I found the make-up a bit over the top, he WAS Carlisle Cullen. No explanations needed here. I’m sure he had his own share of swooning fans!

4. I loved the soundtrack. Though I did not know most of the songs (as I assume they were originals made for the movie), they enriched and gave soul to the love story of Edward and Bella. Most especially the last one playing when they were dancing at the prom, it utterly moved me. I am definitely grabbing one for my soundtrack collection!

5. Granted that there were so many lines edited out, it kept one of my favorites that I knew had to be there! That one when Mike Newton tells Bella of his feelings towards her relationship with Edward, “I don’t like it, He looks at you like you are something to eat!”. Classic. For a second there, it made want join Team Mike!

6. As I have mentioned, the cinematography was more than one can ask for given the budget. The shots of the trees and rolling mountains were mesmerizing. While the meadow scene was definitely more graphic in the book, it was, nonetheless, touching in the movie. Edward was ,indeed, beautiful as he sparkled in the sunlight. I can’t wait for the next time he attempts to sparkle again in New Moon.

I can go on and on, I know. There were so many good parts that I’ve lost track of the ones I didn’t like. But I have the third book, Eclipse, waiting to be read. I am , after all, a neophyte fan.

Over all, it was an exhilarating experience that I am preparing to repeat again this weekend. For all of you who have yet to see the movie, go fall in line and prepare to swoon, gush or whatever it is you do when you watch two people, in this case, a vampire and a girl fall deeply and madly in love:)




  1. I enjoyed watching the movie too. I agree Robert Pattinson is perfect as Edward. I held my breath as he entered the cafeteria. He’s too beautiful.

    Looking forward to see more of the Cullens on New Moon.

  2. Hi Rachel!

    He was, right? Made us all young and giggly all over again:)

    now let’s catch up with the rest of the pack and finish the last two books:)

    Thanks for swinging by here as well.

  3. Glad to hear great things about Edward. I’ve been a fan of other authors regarding vampire stories and had not picked up these books because the movie was coming. I saw it Sunday and went out a purchased all 4 book and have read them all already #4 Breaking Dawn twice. i’m 38 years old and I can barely stay the wait for movie 2 I thought the actors chosen were great. Going to see it again Sunday.

  4. HI Jenni!

    another twilight fan here:) I don’t think age becomes relevant in this case. Plus, Edward is over a hundred years old himself.

    Have a fun time re-reading the saga, I think I’m on that same road soon.

  5. I agree! I’m a complete fan. Corse some parts could have been better but regardless I was completely thrilled! LOVED IT!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alaska Cullen fan,

    It must be cool to come from Alaska nowadays:)

    Yes, it could have been better–longer. But like I said, we are satiated for now until the next one comes along.

  7. Sigh, after the movie I just wanted to be bitten by Edward Cullen. No words are enough to describe how I feel. I’m soooo in love!

  8. Welcome to world of Twilight ate! you’ll love it here. And Edward is….perfection.

    I love him with all my heart. And now, there’s you. Ugh.


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