Posted by: minz | December 2, 2008

Skipping the tennis bracelet for next Christmas

After finishing (finally!) the Twilight saga in less than a week, I now find myself well behind my Christmas shopping. And I haven’t even made my list yet. Bah. I got only myself to blame for putting it off until the last minute. It doesn’t help that traffic is horrendous and the malls are full to the brim with shoppers armed with their bonuses. That’s how Filipinos do Christmas, recession or not, the spirit of giving (read: shopping) prevails.

Once I am done with my list, I am hitting the mall or the nearest tiangge before all the good stuff disappears. For our part,  Santi and I decided to forego with each other’s gifts, opting to be practical and make an investment instead. There goes the tennis bracelet I’ve been eyeing all year. Or Santi’s Omega watch-of-a lifetime. Maybe we can try for it next Christmas, when we are less pragmatic over our finances or when the world economy decides to improve. For now, taking into consideration that it’s the buyer’s market in real estate, we thought it was time to make one of our little dreams come true.  We’ve always wanted to reside in the Timog/Morato area, right in the middle of everything. Shops, restaurants, city hall, the whole deal. Over the weekend, we finally took the plunge and got ourselves a tiny, one-bedroom unit in a soon-to-rise condominium building. While it will take a few years for it to be habitable, at least we have something to look forward to. I personally think it’s a bit too small for the three of us so it will primarily be for Sofia when she goes to college. That might be a long time from now but it is best to be prepared. Plus, it  will keep us  focused on keeping a tight budget next year. We do have a tendency to overspend and that’s something we are trying to curb. If monthly condo payments can’t hack it, I don’t know what else will!

Anyhow, despite the gaping hole on our pocket, we are on a high, having made one of our wishes come true.

Getting our own gift-givinng out of the way, it’s time to start this list. 23 days to go,  goodluck to me!


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