Posted by: minz | December 3, 2008


The thing about blogs, especially for those who merely read it, is that one can’t stay as anonymous as he/she intended to be. A lot of blogreaders think they can hide under the cloak of a perceived anonymity by simply not submitting comments or leaving notes on tagboards. But what they don’t see is that once they “visit” a blog, they become a statistic. A statistic that may be traced in so many ways to where they “came” from in the first place. It can range from an IP address, a distinct city/country in the world or search words they used to get into someone’s blog. Eventually, identities are revealed. Especially when the blogger has an idea of who the “visitor:” is. I’d leave it at that.

I’ve had a kick at the various search words people have used which eventually led them to my nook here. Some are plain and straight forward—they just type in my name. Some search for my previous blog, from which they click the link that brings them here. But this morning, I must say, I was blown away by the novelty of the search words used to find me here. MINA GAGA FACEBOOK. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Then it struck me that it was probably related to the facebook mess I was involved in a few weeks ago. That someone thinks I may have something more to say about it here in my blog. So as to make it easier for him/her (imagine concocting searches like that when he/she could have just typed my name!) the next time he/she “visits”. Here is the last thing I am ever going to say about that matter.

First of, I stand by what I had written there in MY account, ON my photos. While I admit that I have committed a lamentable lapse of judgment that had inevitably hurt a friend, I know that there was no malice or ill-will on my part. I was tactless but I think it hardly merited being slammed as a HATER. With that, I take offense because I am a lot to of things but that. Hate is a strong word reserved for those who have no respect for the physical existence of others, say for example, the Kuklux Clan. They are HATERS.

Secondly, it is worthwhile to note that for whatever hurt I had caused, I had already apologized and I meant every word of that apology. However, I am not inclined to beg, kneel or bow down to those who refuse to accept it–even if I thought of them as my friends. That is not my problem anymore. I have done what I expected from myself and that gives me peace. If others choose to wallow in their anger, go right ahead. Drag everyone in their boat, while they’re at it. That is their cross to bear, not mine. And yeah, let’s see who chooses to get on that boat,  if there are even any who will.

Thirdly, it has come to my attention that others who weren’t initially involved in the brouhaha have been dragged into the mess and , thus, feel that I ought to apologize to them, too. I don’t have to think long and hard to say that they have only to open an account in facebook, look up my page and see if there is something INSULTING there that I had written about them. If there is, my apologies are in order. If there is none, then I demand that apology. Because, seriously speaking, they were utterly deluded into thinking that they are somehow included in the mess. When in fact, they were merely added into it as reinforcements. Someone genuinely thought the more, the merrier.  Maybe they should ask that someone why he/she tagged them, in the first place. Because I am done asking.

Lastly, there is a reason why they are no longer in my facebook account or why I don’t even linger there anymore. That’s because I’m over it. I hope they are, too. If they aren’t, then they have got to  think of more creative ways to search for me in the web because the one I saw this morning reeks of secret identities that are not so SECRET, after all. Try harder, friends.



  1. Naka! mainit na naman ulo..umuusok na naman ilong ni Wilhelmina! 🙂

    hulaan ko sino yun…si……….. GRACE! ako pala eh..hehehe! binasa ko kanina yung isang entry mo ate eh, bakit ba?

  2. self-explanatory naman ate. I don’t want to comment any further baka isipin I am maligning people yet again.

    Basta ang rule, do not hunt for people’s blogs if you know you wouldn’t like what you read. Elementary di ba?:)

    at wag kang papahuli na ikaw ung nagsesearch hahahha!

  3. Wow! strong words ha. Galet na galet. Di naten napagkukwentuhan to nung nasa ormoc tayo. Masyado kase tayo busy dun. Anyway, hope to see you soon. Di pa ko nakakabili ng gift sayo. Miss ya!

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