Posted by: minz | December 4, 2008

Talking a bit about my day job

So here I am tapping my fingers, waiting for a fax to come through before I start writing a complaint for Santi. Sofia is still in the care of my parents.They “borrow” her two nights a week and we can’t really complain. She misses her grand-folks and all the spoiling she invariably receives from them. I don’t mind at all as long as she behaves in their house the way she does in ours. Immaculately. With a tinge of kakulitan, once in a while. There’s a difference between being “spoiled” and being a “brat” about it. Santi figures it takes one to know one. HA!

Anyway, I am preparing to help him out with some of his pending pleadings. This is the downside of being on the up and up as a lawyer, there’s just too much stuff to do for one person. I wonder how my husband has done it for the past few months. Sprinting from court to court. Meetings at every coffee shop in the city. Phone calls very early in the morning until late at night. I get tired just looking at him. This morning, he finally waved the white flag and ruefully admitted that he needed my help. I flashed my good,old “I-told-you-so” smile and took half of the folders from his car/office/filing cabinet. Now , I have two complaints brewing in my head and I thought I’d sneak in a quick post before buckling down to work.

Santi hates churning out complaints as much as I love making them. He says I’m better at it because I like telling stories, whether mine or other people’s.  Told him that is why I dig initiatory pleadings, it’s much like blogging. You wake up to sunny, blue skies and you write about how sunny and blue it is. Is there anything easier? On the other hand, I leave position papers to him because he advocates better that I can ever do. (That’s a free ad for him, right there)  Adding to that, I get heart burns doing any sort of defense writing. Therefore, I think, I must truly suck as a lawyer. Thank goodness, I am in the corporate field of the law. Otherwise, if I had been in litigation, my clients will most definitely live on a prayer.

Okay. Fax is in. My two minutes of stalling are up. I will try to do a Robin here for my Batman who is under siege.


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