Posted by: minz | December 5, 2008

Look who’s regularized?

Remember when I wrote about how I wished I get to be regularized soon?

Well…(drum roll please) I am! After six whole months of bated breath, I am now a certified, regular JG Summit employee. My immediate boss, Atty. I, asked me to read his assessment of my performance and I could hardly bring myself to look at it. I was nervous. No. That’s too mild. I was petrified. I never liked evaluations because I have difficulty dealing with commendations and criticism. They both terrify me, regardless. This time I had to make comments to comments made about me. How is that fair?

So  I grudgingly read  the darn thing and was fairly amused by the “findings”. Attendance= excellent.Quality of work= good. Meets expectations=yes. Initiative=needs improvement. I almost fell off my chair, laughing. This is what Santi means when he says I’m not “biba” at all. And I agree with him. Though, I can’t see anything wrong with that. The thing about me at work is that I am a soldier. I follow the lead. I do what is asked of me. I’m not one to shy away from work but I don’t pray for it to come my way either. So they just have  to keep it coming if they want me to keep on working, right?

Anyhow, I wrote something like,”I have taken note of the herein comments and undertake to continue meeting the company’s expectations…”, or words to that effect. I would have written more if the regularization slip announced that I now have leave credits but it didn’t. Sigh. This un-“biba” girl here will have to wait six more months before ignoring the alarm clock in the morning or taking a two-week vacay.

At least, the medical benefits are on hand for myself, Santi and Sofia. I no longer have to worry about hospital expenses and the like, should the need arise. That’s what counts most for me.

But yeah, I could use a vacay. I long for a break so much that I am seriously considering flying out to Manhattan for two weeks, without pay. It’s ludicrous but appealingly ludicrous. Santi insists that I wait it out until July. Then I can head out out to Timbukto for all he cares (Or so he says).  Sigh again. I’ll play it by ear, I guess. For now, as crazy as it sounds, I continue to slave away for some leave credits. Bet I can summon enough initiative for that.


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