Posted by: minz | December 7, 2008

Some girl bonding on a Friday night

Last night, I went on a girls’ night out with my two oldest friends, Giselle and Celeste. We met up at Balducciimg_9671, a nice and cozy Italian restaurant located in the heart of Serendra. Note that while I love to eat, I pale in comparison with these two foodies who regularly scour for the newest places to activate our taste buds in. I only have to sit back and wait for the text message advising me of our next food stop.

Last night was steak and pasta night. img_9672As usual, Celes took over and ordered the Balducci specialties, rib eye and salmon carbonara. As we stuffed ourselves with the delicious food, we got on with the gabfest that ranged from the latest fashion trends, Hollywood trash and ,yes, Twilight. Why wasn’t I surprised that we are all fanatics of the Saga? And by fanatic, I mean they actually thought my idea of attending the Twicon was hilarious but do-able. Anything involving Robert Pattinson seems to be doable in our world.

Also,we realized that the last time we were hooked on something like this was during the F-4 days of Meteor Garden. I told them that, at least, I look the part. I am the average Filipino woman you’d see buying YES magazine or queuing up for a Piolo Pascual movie. They don’t! Uptown , Chinese girls driving their BMWs is what they are. HAH! Told them I’m thinking of outing their inner kabaduyan soon. To this they asked, what is kabaduyan in English? Apparently, one of Giselle’s office-mates claims it is “GHETTO”! So I guess, we are undeniably and  unabashedly a threesome of GHETTOS. With me as their Queen, of course.

As we overdosed on chocolate for dessert, we decided to talk about what we wanted for Christmas. 15 years of friendship does that to you.img_9675 We’ve ruled out the element of surprise some 10 years ago and decided to simply declare our wishlists  early on. I want the Twilight soundtrack. Gis is hunting for Eclipse–bummed out that it has been sold out for the longest time. Celes hasn’t made up her mind. Not that she needs a lot of things, that part is tricky.

On our way out of the restaurant, the two of them still wanted to swing by Fully Booked. I would have gone but I knew we would lose our minds and end up going on a book-shopping spree that my pockets weren’t ready for.  I begged off and  bade them goodbye. Until our next chowfest, ghettos! Right before Christmas.img_9676


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