Posted by: minz | December 11, 2008

Here they come. One by One!

My organizer says I have 8 Christmas parties to attend in the next two weeks. That means 8 exchange gifts. 8 costume changes. And worse, 8 excuses to binge! Not that I am complaining. I am crazy-excited about all of them. What’s not to like? For me, the eating part is not half as fun as the dressing up part. The funkier, the better!

 Nowadays, Christmas parties are all themed-out, complete with decorations and dress code. One of business units I handle, Cebu Pacific, will have an Oscars-inspired party. Employees will strut their stuff in the red carpet for its “Juan Star of the Night”. That’s tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. I’ve less than 24 hours to come up with something or ditch the red carpet altogether. Not a very nice move for a newly-regularized employee.

My other account ,URC,  will go back to the 80’s with their Rock and Roll night. I’m a bit more psyched for this. I love the 80’s. I am a child of that decade and a fan of Madonna. Enough said. There’s no question as to who I’d come in as. I will give Material Girl a run for her money …and A-Rod! AHA!

Now this I don’t get. My favorite account, Crown Plaza, (only because it’s a hotel and they always feed me:) decided to do a Wild, Wild West party inside a ballroom. What is up with that? Does that mean we will be singing Christmas carols with a bunch of gum-chewing, gun-toting cowboys ? I shudder at the thought. I bought a toy horse as an exchange gift. Harharhar. Totally chumpy! I sure hope they’d come up with better ideas next year.

Speaking of gifts,  I ran into a perfume sale (and ended up stuck on it) in Robinsons Galleria.  I have a husband who bathes in perfume so I nicked  a few bottles so that he’d quit stealing our daughter’s cologne everytime he runs out. Imagine that. Anway, the store had most of the brands on sale for fifty off. And you could card it for zero interest, too. Not bad for a suffering-wife-of-a-perfume-junkie. Offer is good while supply lasts!

Now that gave me an idea. If I don’t find anything that suits me tomorrow, I might just wear Bright Crystal by Versace. How’s that for underdressed?:)


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