Posted by: minz | December 18, 2008

Too much Santa and not enough Zzzzzzzz

I am at the point where I’m not sure what day it is today.  Is it the 17th? Or was that yesterday? No. I am serious. I am shuttling from one Christmas party to another while trying to finish off some pending work before the holidays. It would have been nice if the work belonged to me in the first place. (That deserves an entirely separate post, scratch that). In any case, I am a walking zombie who has NOT shaved off a single name in her Christmas list. I will give myself one last shot on Saturday. Greenhills must do the trick  or else I am the ultimate scrooge come Christmas day.

Tomorrow ( I THINK it’s tomorrow) will find me waiting in line for Sofia’s exam results for big school. Had I the luxury of time to mull about it, I should be having a panic attack right about now. Surprisingly, it’s all calm in Mommyland at the moment. Hopefully, that’s a good sign. My gut tells me it will be alright. And it also says to keep the stage-momma self down to a bearable level. This is not a bar exam. It is pre-school and Sofia is three. That’s that. Dios Mio.

I’d rather worry about my Tree. Now, that’s a thought. It’s sitting in the middle of our sala, screaming “Pimp MEH!”. Because 5 or 6 days before Christmas, it’s still there,  without a single ball, star, ornament whatsoever.  It is shaping up to be the saddest tree in the history of  Christmas and I am the culprit. My creative juices have always been less than stellar and being a homemaker has only magnified it to the millionth power. Now, there’s a tree in agony and the un-domestic goddess me to the rescue. I’ll do my best, I swear it. Bring it on.

Elsewhere in Metro Manila, there’s C who is the newest Twilighter this side of the world. Now, I am happy about that. I got somebody to wait for New Moon with and/or gab about how sad it can be knowing there’s no living thing that resembles Edward in this planet. Walang Edward na buhay. Hay.

Anyhow, have to check out now. Santi will be swinging by to sweep me off to his office Christmas party. If I keep this up, all I’ll be wishing for this Christmas is a big, big bed and an eternity of sleep in it.


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