Posted by: minz | December 19, 2008

The best Christmas gift ever.

What started out as a stressful day turned out to be a blessed one.

I woke up feeling fidgety over Santi’s x-ray results that were scheduled to be examined by his doctor this morning. He’s been sick for days now. At first, we thought it was just the usual cough but it wouldn’t go away. It didn’t help that the stubborn  man refused to take a leave, even for a day to recharge. By the end of last week, he was a wreck. Coughing non-stop, eyes bulging out. He finally agreed to pay the doctor a visit. After the usual check-up, he was instructed to undergo a lung x-ray just to make sure it’s nothing serious.

We showed up early at the Medical City this morning as I was already having nightmares about the wretched results. We are both heavy smokers (ugly,ugly habit!) but between the two of us, Santi is the sickly one. Colds seem to like him too much. Anyway, so there.  We waited for two, nerve-wracking hours before the doctor showed up. I was pacing back and forth in her office, getting irritated by the minute. (Medical City should also do something about their elevators, it takes 15 minutes to hop into one and another 15 to get a drink!) Finally, the good-but-late doctor put us out of our misery and pronounced that hubby’s lungs are clear,  like that of a new born-baby! WOOHOO!

As it turned out, he suffered from a nasty case of sinusitis. Now, he has to walk around, sniffing an inhaler to ease his breathing. He’d take that any day. I would! Relieved is an understatement. I was thankful. We left the hospital grinning from ear to ear and seriously considered quitting the nicotine.

Before that thought could metastasize any further, we were thrown into the reality of Sofia’s big school exam results that were due for pick-up after lunch. I was doing okay yesterday, feeling upbeat about it. After Santi’s positive x-ray results, I worried that something has got to give. And that it wouldn’t turn out as well as we had hoped for our daughter. Like I always say, nobody can have it all–that includes me. I figured that today was as good as any to be reminded of that.

To pacify my fears,   I asked Santi to drive me to the mall first.  I spent a good hour nitpicking through the store’s Christmas decors for my tree in agony. I ended up with baskets of  orange balls and golden leaves. I also bought a set of Santa plates and place mats for the dining table. And I threw in a Christmas bonsai, for good measure. That seemed to work. I was transported to yoga land in no time.

After paying for the loot, I walked to the direction of nearby Poveda (big school) and contemplated on our Plan B, in case Sofia didn’t make it. I’ll just keep sending her to toddler school and maybe have her take the exam again next year. Or maybe I can…jump off Pasig River as punishment for being a failure Mom. The latter didn’t sound too appealing.

As soon as I arrived at the gates of big school, the guard showed me (and a handful of other moms) the way to judgment room.  There was this lady who was handing out white envelopes. I tried to see if they were any different from each other. Like the PASSED envelope would be thicker than the FAILED one. No dice. They all looked alike. Lady asked me for Sofia’s last name. I barely let out a whimper. S…o…r..i..a..n..o. She gave me an envelope and then I…fled. Ran like the school was on fire. When I was convinced that another step would find me in EDSA, I opened, no, ripped the damn thing and looked for the reason not to jump off rivers.

VOILA! The heavens opened up, once again for this hopeless stage-mom. In bold letters, it said “We are pleased to inform you that your child SOFIA MIRELLI has been accepted to Kinder-1.” That did it. I called my Mom and cried like a fool. And she laughed at me like I knew she would and said, “welcome to the world of mothers”. And I cried even harder. It’s unexplainable. Being a mom. Being happy over tied shoelaces, crescent moons and “green means go, red means stop”. And now passing a pre-school exam, however mundane that may sound in the real word. It is as good as it gets for me. I look at my usual, jaded self and say, “you got nothing on me”. I am on top of the world and it’s just pre-school!

So tonight, Santi and I will celebrate. We got the best Christmas gift ever. Santa was in town early and I definitely got paged.



  1. smart naman ng inaanak ko! mana sa mga ninong at ninang… hmmmmnnnn..sige na nga, pati sa mga magulang na rin! hehehe! Miss you, ate! I’m so proud of you and papa santi. you’re definitely doing a good job on Sofia1 🙂 mwah!

  2. Hi ate!!!!

    miss you more. Thanks…mana sa ateng lahat! It’s the “greatest endeavour I have ever taken on” and the best feeling ever. kaya mag anak ka na. however way you intend to do it!!!

    have a merry christmas ate! muah!

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