Posted by: minz | December 21, 2008

ghost in you

You’d think ghosts and other supernatural things take a break on holidays. And considering that everyone in town is making merry you’d be less spooked. But it is what it is. Supposedly dead but not.

I saw one last night while sipping wine in the company of warm-blooded friends.

All these gamut of emotions—hate, pain, longing, disgust, pain again crept into me and I realized how unready I was to come face to face with it. So I did what I was unable to do all these years. I walked away before midnight. Before I lost whatever resilience I’ve surrounded myself with.

It’s unbelievable how frightened I was…of myself. And what could have been, had I stayed and pretended it was okay to be fraternizing with remnants of the past..and the ghost of  myself in it.



  1. Yikes! really sorry i couldn’t keep you company that night minz. Ghosts are ghosts. Sometimes, there is something strange in the neighborhood. Sabi nga ni roselle, kung si Edward Cullen sana un, he can linger forever. Otherwise, who you gonna call?

  2. ghostbusters? it’s all cool ate. even if you could have stayed, it wasn’t such a hot idea…

    I’m sorry pero “it” can’t hold a candle to our Edward! please!!!!

    seriously though, you’re right,”it'” resides in my neighborhood so I just have to keep walking away each time it reappears…

  3. Ate, ang gusto ko lang tsismis… ano kwento? hehehe! mishu!!!!!!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

  4. HAHAHA! I will write you a tell-all letter one of these days so you’d be updated , malay mo kasama ka pa dun sa update!

  5. hmmmnnnn.. i’ll be waiting for that day… 🙂 at bat naman ako makaksama pala sa update?!!!

    Merry Christmas!

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