Posted by: minz | December 31, 2008

Back from a Cebu/Bohol Post Christmas

So here we are, back from a three-day sojourn in Cebu and Bohol. We flew out in the morning of the 27th, landed in Mactan Airport, had breakfast and then took the Super Cat to Bohol. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds–there were twenty of us from my Dad’s family, of all shapes and sizes (mostly, big!). We had to employ the service of a coaster, that’s right, where we fit snugly with no room left to spare. Eating was a chore.It took a good 15 minutes to order and another 30 for the food to come. When it did, it was madness. That’s probably all we did, apart from the customary sightseeing. Vacation heaven at its finest.

Sofia had a blast checking out Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, which she insisted calling Chocolate Mountain. She posed happily with her titos and titas who took turns in horsing around with her. Made me wistfully think of her future, having no siblings. Who would she take vacations with? I pushed that thought away as it seemed out of place this time of the year, especially.

After ogling the Chocolate Mountains and buying some pasalubong, we headed out to Loboc River and took a cruise that came with lunch and music. A few of the travel blogs I visited vouched for this experience and I must say it was quite awesome. I mean, really, it was just a river but the Boholanos made the most out of traversing it for tourists. Except that, it’s also true when they say that there’s nothing great to eat in Bohol. The food was bland, at best. That part needed improvement. Taking that aside, the cruise was still worth it. Santi and I would like to take the night one next time.

Of course,we could not leave Bohol without seeing a tarsiere. We told Sofia that it was her kapatid, they both had big, round eyes. I made her pose side by side with it. It was the funniest thing. Why don’t I have pictures? Because right in the middle of visiting the old ,Clarin House, I dropped it. They must seriously have the toughest wood back in the day as my camera literally broke into pieces. There goes the rest of my photo-less vacation. I’m thinking of buying a new one instead of attempting to have it fixed. I wasn’t happy with its resolution, anyway.

The next day, we Super Cat back to Cebu and stayed in Crowne Regency. All the hopping from buses to boats zapped my energy so I opted to spend the night in the spa. Santi and I got an Indonesian massage (which meant massaging the whole body, as oppose to the Swedish one where the butt was left untouched) and a facial. I felt all of the year’s stress and soreness magically disappear. If there’s something Santi and I are addicted to aside from sports, it will  be visiting the spa. One can’t have too much massage and pampering, that’s our motto.

The next day, we had a hearty, buffet breakfast and prepared to head back to Manila. Despite my hurting foot and broken camera, I’d say it was a great time spent with family, the way Christmas should be. Lots and lots of bonding, catching up and ,of course, restoration in time for the coming New Year.

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