Posted by: minz | January 9, 2009

Living and loving in my L-world

My head is still spinning from a night of videoke and beer with friends who have been part and parcel of my life for over a decade now. I’m not sure why it took me this long to write about them but it’s definitely not for lack of anything to say. On the contrary, sometimes it’s tough to write about people who mean so much to you. Like how these friends of mine, who happen to be lesbians, mean to me. For one, a big chunk of my 31 years had been spent being one of them. Now that the cat is out of the bag,  this entry should be a breeze. HA!

So yes, I was in relationships with women before I met Santi. For a while, I thought that men were not my cup of tea and I was actually fine with that thought. Meeting Santi was more of a pleasant surprise. I know that if it wasn’t him who came my way, I’d still be happy and gay at this very moment.

In our universe where homosexuality and homosexuals are still fighting to gain acceptance,  I am proud to say that even now that I am married to a man, Santi knows that my sensitivity to gays and their rights  is because I have this circle of friends who I love and respect dearly. I am well- acquainted with their struggles, their pains, their talents and their joys. And boy (no pun intended), they do have a lot on their plates. Owing mostly to the crap the rest of the heterosexual world profusely throw their way.

No, they can’t marry, they can’t take out insurance on each other’s lives, they can’t bequeath what they want to each other when they pass solely because they are not suppose to love one of the same gender. I am not going to pursue this wretched list any further because then this entry will touch on faith and religion, issues which I’m unprepared to discuss or tread on. All I want to say (that also anchors my hatred towards Proposition Eight) is that given these things they are not allowed to do, it follows that they should’nt be made to pay the same taxes that citizens of the straight world pay. They are not afforded the same rights that the latter enjoy, so why should they be equally burdened?

If our society insists on perversely discriminating against what my gay friends can and can’t do then so be it. At least as consuelo de bobo, in terms of footing the bill for this government’s fiscal woes, the discrimination should subsists. Gays should pay less. Less rights, less accountability. Those who are given a better quality of  life should be held more liable for the expenses.  I’d love to see that day. Then we can all see who’d take the streets and scream bloody murder.

As for me,  I continue to pencil in my organizer videoke nights with my own version of the L-world. Nothing beats singing “Nobody does it better”  or “Power of Two” with them while reminiscing our nights raiding exclusive parties and shooting pool. While I might not be a resident anymore, I never really left their world. In my heart and in my mind, I am one of them, still.

And you know what, L-Word in Velvet channel is a damn good show. Watch it sometime and pay us a visit:)


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