Posted by: minz | January 14, 2009

It’s a chilly January









Never thought I get to say this in this lifetime. But it is actually cold in Manila these days. And windy, too. People at the office are speculating whether we’ll need mufflers and gloves soon. Well, maybe that’s a stretch. But the weather is driving me nuts–in a nice way. It hasn’t been this way in this country ever since I can remember. But no complaints, I like it “autumn”-like. Far from warm but not freezing, either. It’s just right.

For one, we get to give the AC a rest. That means a slightly lower electric bill in time for Sofia’s big school tuition schedule. Also, I get to wear suits without sweating like a piglet.This is probably the only time they’d see me in a power suit without a snarl on my face. That’s a first. Me and suits don’t get each other, normally. Anyhow, scarves and shawls ,likewise, look fashionable (I’ve seen a lot of scarf-toting girls in the streets last summer and they looked a bit..out of place then. They should now come back with vengeance) That’s as far as autumn dressing I’d ever get. Layering is not for me. Save for a few scarves that my Mom supplies me, I’m fine with a coat or a windbreaker. And a smile:)

Lastly,  this drop in temperature seem to breed cooler heads. People are unusually nicer and bubblier all over town. Methinks the chill inspires a lot of hugging and cuddling at home and even at work. Everyone is getting their share of …bed weather which can’t be anything but good.

In sum, I wish this will go on for a while. I’ve had enough of the heat and grime of Manila summers. So Mitter Tun, you can hide out for now. Nobody will mind, promise.


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