Posted by: minz | January 17, 2009

Holding out is hard to do

One of my favorite pitchers, Andy Pettite, has yet to renew his contract with the Yankees (best team in the world, baby!) He’s been offered a 10-million dollar contract for the 2009 season and, still, he is holding out. Over the past two years, he knocked down slightly better deals and he’s convinced that it should stay that way no matter what. For their part, the Yankees have signed a couple of big-budget players which affected what they can offer Andy. Thing is, Andy has been a Yankee since 1997. That speaks volumes of how loyal and faithful he has been to the franchise.

Now, there is a stalemate and nobody is budging.

Part of me says “c’mon ,man, take one for the team!” because I am sure he is in no real need for the money. And the Yankees need him, Sabatthia and Texeira aside. But a better part of me understands his “take it or leave it” stance. Loyalty has no price tag. Neither does self-worth. If Babe Ruth could have really put into monetary terms what he was to the Yankees, we would’ve never seen him in pinstripes. He was that good.

My sorry point is that if we ever get shortchanged in anything, it was probably our fault. We gave in. We didn’t think we deserved what we initially asked for. I learned this the hard way and now, as part of making up for myself, I support those who play hardball no matter what the costs. Let the chips fall where they may. Plus, if the other party seriously wanted us then they will move heaven and earth to make it happen.

In the matter of Andy Pettite, the prospect of him returning in pinstripes looks bleak at the moment. But hey, Andy, I’m in your corner. While I keep my fingers crossed that I’d see you at the mound of the new Yankee Stadium this April, I know that picture is damn expensive. But you deserve every penny. Yes, you do.

To my Yanks, what can I say? If we lay all the cards in the table…oh dear…you can’t even afford a fan like me:)


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