Posted by: minz | January 21, 2009

The time has come to set aside childish things

Like the rest  of mankind (well, except maybe for my office mate Bom who stayed up late to catch the Australian Open:)) I stayed up all night to watch Barack Obama become the 44th president of the United States and deliver his much-awaited inaugural address. A lot has been said about this day and I’m positive none of you need to hear another one say how great this moment is for the history of America, if not the history of man. But I will say it, anyway.  This is the day the lord has made. This is the dream that Martin Luther King dreamed.

As I listened to Barack’s speech, only one theme reverberated in me. It wasn’t hope, change, will, “unity of purpose over conflict”–although they all sounded heck of smooth.  He quoted JFK, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln as past presidents were wont to do in their inaugural addresses. That failed to impress me either. Only one phrase did and solely because the source is the rock of all ages.

“The time has come to set aside childish things.”

I’m no expert. In fact, I don’t have the slightest idea from which part of the bible that was taken. But, for me, it rings true because it speaks of faith which anchors everything that can ever be hoped, dreamed and aspired for by a nation and its people. Faith on each other and on a Higher Being, whether we are Christians, Jews, Muslims or even agnostic. We hold on to something that is MORE than ourselves.

More than that, Obama submits that there can only be unity when citizens cease being childlike in their ways, in the sense of not knowing any better and putting oneself first before others. For me, that’s what that phrase meant. That is the cornerstone of remaking Americaor any nation for that matter. And for that, Barack Obama’s inaugural address (despite the flubbed oath!) won me over  hook, line and sinker.  Obama inspires faith and that’s the first thing a leader must innately posses to become a great one.

For my part, I wish someone like Obama would magically appear in this country of mine and inspire the hell out of us dispirited Filipinos. Someone who would actually live to take the oath and not die on an airport tarmac or perish in a plane crash. It seems like those who get past the oath, flub the rest of their tenure and still have the temerity to run again and extend our agony. Would you imagine that.

So please, Lord, clone us an Obama. That is my dream.

On the lighter side of things, I must say Mrs. Obama looked (in Perezhilton’s terms) “ferosh”. And this further solidifies my belief that in every (black, white, red, brown) man’s success, there is a woman behind it. So, Lord, clone us a Michelle, too, while you’re at it. Couldn’t hurt at all.

For this universe knows that Filipinos need boatloads of grace we can get our hands on. And that if faith is a commodity, we’d export and supply the rest of the world with ours.


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