Posted by: minz | January 23, 2009

Year of the OX is looking to be Oks:)

While prying the microphone out of a friend’s hand last night at a karaoke joint, I got the best news to start my year.

One of my bosses texted to inform me that I just got a…RAISE!:)

I was too engrossed belting out lyrics to  “Borderline” that I put the thought aside for a bit. Now that I am sitting at work, with someone from Human Resources asking for my payroll details, I’m thrilled beyond words.

First of, finding my place in the legal profession has bedeviled me for years. To finally have that EUREKA moment when I started doing labor law was a gift beyond any expectation. Now, to be rewarded for something that I’d gladly do for free is simply …AWESOME.

Woohoo! Not everyone gets to say this, but I am lucky enough to be one of the few. 

I love my job. Oh yes, I do!:)



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