Posted by: minz | January 26, 2009

Kung hei fat choi to everyone!

My Mom told me that, according to the Chinese feng shui and horoscope, this year will be good for me, Santi and everyone else born in the Year of the Snake. I’ve never been the superstitious type but I do check my horoscope everyday just for kicks.

This year of the Ox, allegedly, will favor Snakes in all of our endeavours: career, love, health and wealth. Mom is so convinced that this is MY year so much that she bugs me everyday to bet in the lotto (which I never do, unless someone asks me to pick numbers for them!) Thing is, for some strange reasons, I’m..err. ..masuwerte (lucky) with raffles, Bingo and stuff like that. In fact, yesterday I got a call from one of the hotels in the city saying that I won a 3 day-2nights accommodation with them through a raffle I joined last month when we watched the Barney birthday show. That is what I mean! Cool, huh?

I’m going to the hotel tonight to claim my prize which includes a buffet for two that got Santi uber excited! Because of this auspicious development, I got curious about my favorable  “Snake fate” this year and took a peek at what it had in store for me.

So fellow Snakes, have at it!

Snake Overview

The Snake has an incredibly favorable year ahead. The year of the Ox provides many opportunities for the Snake to fulfill long awaited career goals and achieve more than he/she ever imagined. Your wisdom and patience are tools that prove successful in all aspects of your life. Relationships could be taken to new heights and deep and meaningful friendships are acquired. This year proves to be one of action, the year that all of your planning and waiting pay off for you. The later months prove to be especially successful, tying a year of arduous work into an extremely blissful culmination.

Snake Rating

79% (10 favorable and 2 neutral months)

Snake Career

Your wisdom proves to be most resourceful this year, particularly in your career endeavors. Colleagues will admire your input and your opinion will be well respected among business circles. Your work will take you to new levels in your career, as you may see a promotion or a position change that offers you a direction that is more suitable to your skills. March, April and May are strong months for a career change or an upswing in your current position. Be prepared for an outstanding year in your work and don’t be surprised if everything you do results in success

Snake Relationships

The Snake’s social life will bring a high amount of satisfaction to you this year, as will your family life. Though you tend to be more of a loner, this year will provide occasions that may bring you out of your shell. You have always been a good listener and you will benefit from being more assertive in social situations. More to the point, you may be thrown into a position to be more assertive, rather than volunteering. Your quick thinking will prove to be most useful. Single Snakes may find the romantic relationship they seek, as romance is favored.

Snake Health

The Snake will not suffer any more than minor health issues, but you may want to watch what you eat and make it a point to exercise more often, as these may be areas that you tend to neglect. Your busy work schedule and social endeavors may make it difficult to maintain a regular schedule of exercise, but you can find time here and there to do something active. This will help your heart and may relive stress from a long work week.

Snake Wealth

The Snake will do well with your conservative approach to spending. You have always been disciplined in your finances and this year proves to be no different. If you maintain your frugal manner, you will find that you have accumulated enough by the end of the year to make a large purchase that you have been planning for a long time. If you are in doubt about a particular endeavor, don’t hesitate to receive a second opinion before committing.


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