Posted by: minz | January 29, 2009

Of pregnancy scares and tubal lygations

My ever-unreliable period is , once again, late and I don’t know what to make of it.Not wanting to set off another urban legend by getting pregnant and not knowing it again, I took a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn’t. Test came up negative but I had to be extra-careful. I took another one. Negative. This week, I must have tested almost everyday, trying out all the brands which made the saleslady in Watsons a tad uneasy. She must have thought I was nuts.

 Seriously speaking though, whenever I am a day late, I get mental. No getting around it. That’s the cold, hard truth about me and the thought of being pregnant again. It throws me out of sync. It affects my work and , worse, I start picking fights with Santi. That I hate. By now, he has realized how faint the possibility of us having more kids. He used to joke about, maybe, having a boy and I used to smile as if I am considering it. Since I started throwing tantrums everytime the darn period goes AWOL, he hasn’t brought it up. Poor hubby 😦

Yesterday , I asked  if he’s open to having my tubes tied, dashing all hopes he might have of expanding our brood. Contrary to violent reactions I expected of him, he was uncharacteristically subdued. As if he saw that coming and that he has quietly accepted it. Although that could simply be my imagination, realizing now how much I want this to push through. He has yet to give me a definitive answer and that means I have to wait and see how it plays out.

Why don’t I want more children? It’s the coming together of a million and one reasons. Selfish ones, mostly. At least, I admit to that. I want to keep the quality of living that the three of us enjoy at the moment. Basically, it all revolves around that. I’m not going to be one of those Moms who pops out six kids  but cannot feed or send them to school. Mortifying. Ony Brangelina can pull a Brangelina. Let’s all keep that in mind.

 More importantly,  I want my child to have a fair shot at life. I want her too see the world.  Now, if there are six of them, the farthest they’d get is Luneta or Quirino Grandstand beside our place. As my good friend Menchu would say, Kumusta naman un di ba?  (Hi Chu! I know you are reading this!)

Before I get hyper and list down all the rest in my list, I’m off to get another test. On my blood, this time.


  1. ate, tropa nga kita…kwento ko sayo next time kung bakit… naaliw lang ako… 🙂

  2. don’t tell me you have pregnancy concerns?! Immaculate conception!

    Maaliw den ako nun:)

  3. syempre di tungkol dun no..tungkol ke Sofia…:)

  4. KUMUSTA NAMAN YUN, Mamah?! haha! Ang ganda kaya ng product ninyo ni Santi. Cute sana kung may boy…
    : )

  5. cHU CHI!

    aYAW NA mama! mahal ang bigas! saka mababawasan pangvideoke naten waaah!

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