Posted by: minz | February 6, 2009

I’m an old soul and a Mama’s girl

I’m still reeling from the aftershock of last week’s “events” that I’m giving myself a break. (I dyed my hair blonde, if that doesn’t spell “stress” then I don’t know what does!). Tonight, I will be spending time with my favorite person in times like these, Elvie (sometimes, “Mom”).

We are catching the King and Queen of Concert (at least here in Manila) Martin and Pops reunite on stage after 6 years (we caught that one, too!). Needless to say, we are “loyalists” of the ex-couple in that we are one of the many who choose to believe most of the sugary spiels (forming part of their concerts) are true. Forget that they have been separated for a decade now and have moved on with other people. Baket ba?  Fans nga e.

More than that I’m an old soul. I never get tired of listening to songs I grew up with.  Two months ago, when half of Manila was groovin’ it with Chris Brown and Rihanna, I was weeping unabashedly in Gary Valenciano concert. Now, that man just…inspires. How can we Pinoys not be proud of his music?

Anyhow, blondie here just needs to get through this day until tonight’s show, with hopefully no more of the “sorriest” letters ever made in this century. Men (yes, MEN! I don’t like them today), give me a break. Please.

And I can almost hear tonight’s magic from where I’m sitting.

Martin” We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?”

Pops: ” We’ve got tonight, babe, why don’t we stay?”.



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