Posted by: minz | February 9, 2009

Catch my disease

I’m having an ugly day, for no particular reason. I’m not sure how that it possible but I guess, it is. I have been staring at the pc for hours now. Surfing idly since this morning.

Perezhilton. PEP.Yankees. CNN. E-mail. Ate magic-flakes. When done, blog-hop. G is wishing she’s campaigning. J hasn’t updated (not in tabulas, at least). Twiddled hair (love twiddling). Went to Santi’s office to facebook (firewalled in mine which regularly upsets me) and updated status post. Napped for 15 minutes. Went back to office. Checked e-mail again for the 465th time. Called C. Chit-chat, chit-chat. Put phone down. Ate magic-flakes. Again. (if I keep this up, goodbye 10 more pounds!). Twiddled hair. Checked blog stats. Adding new post.

Now, there’s nothing so revolting about that, is there? But I know myself like Mcadams knows Gosling (though they’ve broken up, I’m feeeling Notebook-ish lately) and I swear this is an ugly day.

The symptoms are present. Unproductiveness, binging uncontrollably (crackers count for binging), entertaining ideas of flying somewhere, anywhere!, craving for beer (not a margarita, take note, beer!), basically wanting to crawl in a cave and hide.

I detests missing people or things. Especially my people. And my things.

 I want my Canon back. I want my laptop back. Damn it, I want my old number back! I want 09178869890 back. I’m an 8-girl. An 8. Not a 5. Never a 5.  Is is too hard to understand? Just because someone is so inclined to disrupt my existence whenever “it” felt like it, I had to switch from an 8 to a 5. And now, it’s irritating the hell out of me. I can’t function.

Now, I can’t even remember the new one. When I’m asked, I have to look up the stars and wonder. I don’t even know my own number!!!!!

I want my….life back. The one I had before you came along and mucked it up. Give it back. Start with my number. Give that back. When you do, then I might stop this process of regretting you.


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