Posted by: minz | February 14, 2009

A Valentine to remember

In the past 8 years I’d spent Valentines with Santi, name a way of celebrating the day, chances are, we’ve done it. Boys2Men concert. Candlelit dinners. Double(even triple) dates with friends. Lovapalooza (seriously, we were part of that Guinness’ record!). Out-of-town getaways (think Padi’s Point Antipolo). A movie or two when budget was tight.

But all of these have nothing, absolutely zip, on today’s unforgettable, insurmountable Valentine 2009!

A bit of prologue for starters. Last Monday morning, I went about my usual bathroom routine. Brushed teeth. Flossed. Trimmed eyebrows. Shaved legs. Armpits next. I was finishing up on my left pit when I felt the razor rip through my skin. Having been used to the occasional mis-shave, I ignored the stinging sensation that lasted well throughout the week. Yesterday, I woke up to the most painful, and I mean painful, sore I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Worst, I couldn’t move my left arm without stifling a howl. Last night, I was in so much agony that I didn’t sleep a wink. The “sore”  was so swollen that it looked like I had a tomato planted on my armpit. Gross. No other word for it.

This morning, Santi decided to bring me to Asian Hospital to finally check with the doctor, buy some antibiotics and get on with our date (Peter Cetera and the 42-piece orchestra). The doctor had a look at it and declared that I had two options: On-the spot mini-surgery or a week’s confinement. Given my packed schedule next week, I didn’t think twice in choosing the first one. One glitch, however, is that I have to bear with local anaesthesia which meant it will hurt like hell. The doctor was not  aware that he was looking at a survivor of hazing (alone) and a c-section (alone). Convinced that it would be a piece of cake, I told him to get on with it as I didn’t intend to miss Mr. Cetera and the 42-piece orchestra. Swollen armpits or not. He gave Santi a rundown of the  30-minute operation that will require a cross-incision on my armpit and consequently draining all the gooey stuff out.Yuck.Yuck. Yuck.

By the time his speech was over, Santi was about ready to throw up from sheer nervousness. He excused himself for a cigarette break. I, on the other hand, got myself ready on the table and let out my “bring it on” face. I saw the doctor take out the needle and I was still okay. As soon as the needle touched my tomato, I was gone. I wailed and screamed like a tortured banshee. It was then that Santi came running in straight to my side. We spent the next twenty minutes like that. Him holding my hand, staring at my armpit. Me crying like a baby. It hurt so much I wanted to punch the living daylights out of the doctor and his nurses. Let’s put it this way: I will not wish it to my worst enemy.



After it was over and my “wound” all plastered up, I thanked the doctor ( I’m not so sure if I meant any of it at that time) and went down to the hospital cafeteria to grab a bite. I hadn’t eaten the whole day, I realized. Santi was also famished from the ordeal and attacked his chicken tinola with gusto. I asked if he still loved me the same after having to endure that ghastly sight. He said he still does but is unsure if he’d  take a peek at my armpits ever again. I don’t blame him. I don’t think I will be shaving any hair in the future!

We decided to skip the concert and drove home instead. Before getting off the car, my husband leaned over and whispered, “Happy Valentines Mommy! I love you!”  I smiled and answered, “Ditto, Santiboy!”

Now this one tops my list of the most memorable Valentines’ dates ever. A lot of hand-holding, buckets of tears, budget depletion and smoldering pain… with my knight in shining armor…

Santi my hand-holder

Santi my hand-holder

and the most hideous armpit in the history of man.

Happy hearts day, people!



  1. Happy Valentines Day!! Sayang naman the Peter Cetera concert.. How’s the armpit mama?? hehe

  2. Happy Ventine’s day, ate! Sana’y gumaling ang kili-kili mo… hahaha!

    Hmmnnnnn..parang ampogi ni papa santi sa picture na to? :p

    Miss you two! mwaaaaaaaahhh!

  3. Memen,

    Hindi tlga for me ang si Papa Peter! Kainis! eto naka bandage pa den kilikili! hahhaha!


    Miss you too! who was your valentine?!!!!

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