Posted by: minz | February 19, 2009

Poster girl for stress tabs

Do I have a minute? I’m looking for a minute and there appears to be none. I didn’t use to think that it was possible for regular people to be buried underneath tons of work. I mean, yeah, once in a while it piles up but you do get a second or two for latte. I was of the belief that it is a complete exaggeration for anybody not to have time to …breathe. Until today. Since last week, actually.

I’m staring at my corkboard and it’s staring back at me with this week’s schedule.


12pm doctor’s appointment (armpit check-up)

1:00 p.m. go to Globe to replace broken SIM (run over by Santi last night.)

2pm hotel investigation (don’t know what time this ends)

7pm pick up Sofia


 Draft RLC position paper

12pm ultrasound (for sick ovaries)

2 pm Finish RLC paper


Review NAMA URSUMCO file for position paper

Firing with gang (this is in the brink of cancellation!)


7:30 a.m. Tagaytay Highlands (Sofia’s Family Day)

5:00 p.m  Meet new client with Santi


8:00 a.m. Finish RLC position paper

1:00 p.m. Draft investigation report (a.k.a. read pages and pages of Minutes!)


ALL DAY: Hotel investigation, 8 employees. (good-luck blondie!)


ALL DAY: Conference with URSUMCO management. Presentation.


10:00 a.m. Hearing at NLRC , Calamba

 1:00 Draft recommendations for 8 employees.


7:45 catch flight to Dumaguete City, hearing.

4:45 catch flight back to Manila.

Where is my latte fix? And gym ? Me-time? And it doesn’t even stop there. I have n errand list that will put Octo-Mommy to shame.

Change oil. Pick up new doggie. Follow up big Canon. Buy Santi receipt book. Enroll Sofia at Trumpets for summer. Get Yaya’s birth certificate for passport. Check online for Bangkok tours.

Ugh. I need a break. I’m breeding crows feet and that’s not even close to funny. I’m 31 going 60. Help.




  1. Just getting your yaya’s passport will give you a heartbreak! Goodluck, but this too shall pass 🙂

  2. Gigi,

    tell me about it. i need tons of luck with that.


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