Posted by: minz | February 20, 2009

Good morning, Lloydie!

I was into my first cigarette of the day at our office’s smoking lounge (a.k.a lung center) when I saw kiosk being put up and a few stand-up tarpaulins beside it. This is one of the perks I enjoy at work. One time, I found myself in an elevator with Aga Muhlach, days before his new SunCellular commercial was aired. Apparently, he was on his way to a courtesy call at Mr. John’s office. Today, it is John Lloyd Cruz’s turn to endorse a URC product. And I was first on the scene! 

To say that I am a fan is an understatement. Years back, I saw him in Whistle Stop libis partying with friends. Without a moment’s hesistation, I grabbed a tissue paper, strode to his table, ask for an autograph and…stole a kiss!

Today, he is coming my way again (another courtesy call?). While waiting for the real thing, I contented myself with a picture of him and his newest endorsement, Choco lava.

oh my lloydie!

oh my lloydie!

Nevermind the grainy, cellphone shot. I’m in seventh heaven! No. I’m IN LAVA!


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