Posted by: minz | February 22, 2009

Fire in the hole!

After months of cancellation, my pursuit for a hobby finally jump-started. Along with some friends and their “babies” a.k.a glocks, 45s , 9mms, we hit a nearby firing range. Before then, I’d never touched a gun. I resolved, albeit stubbornly, that it unnecessarily emboldens anybody who happens to hold one. But after some soul-searching (wink:P), I figured that if I were to take up a hobby, it might as well be something that has use. Practical, in short.

My change of heart was somewhat validated by a poster in the range that said,”It’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need one and not have it.”  There you go. That calmed by nerves a bit. Good thing there was an instructor who hovered around and gave  us basic lessons. Safety tips came first. No aiming at any living thing even your foot! Say “firing” before you shoot as courtesy to the others in the range.  After apprising myself with these rules, I took a deep breath and fired my first shot. Ting! Landed in the middle part of the board! Yehey!

Fire away 1

Fire away 1

It was a breeze after that. I learned to check if the magazine is loaded, if the gun is cocked and how  to un-jam a bullet. Pretty good for a beginner. But Santi, for all his reluctance to shoot, was a natural. He knocked down all the plates from several feet away on his first attempt. He’s got the “pulse” for firing, so to speak.

taking time to strike a pose!

taking time to strike a pose!

In sum, I’d say we had fabulous time shooting at the range. It definitely has promise in terms of my search for the perfect hobby:) I doubt if  I’ll have a difficult time convincing Santi to join the fold. He’s now debating what “piece” we’d choose for our first gun.I’m partial to the glock 19. Sleek, easy to manoeuvre and black as night:) Ting!



  1. Hi Minz,

    Nice posts you got here, remeber Sarah of Well, this is the real me! ..And I really wanted to learn to fire a gun for so long… That will be a very cool “hobby”.


  2. Oh hi Charm!

    Yes I remember:)

    Try it, it’s therapeutic. A bit pricey though if you take it up seriously.

    But its fun!

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