Posted by: minz | March 3, 2009

Moving on and looking back

In about three months, I will be saying goodbye to probably my second home here in Manila, Fitness First. Maybe some of you would find that hilarious but I actually lived there for most part of last year that I claim ownership over their fabulous hairdryers. I still salivate looking at them and I’m inclined on taking one home before I bid adieu. HA! My “contract”  will end this May and I’m not renewing it. Much as I’d want to, it is more practical to avail of the corporate account my employment has with Gold’s Gym right next door at Galleria. Nowadays, I take a cab and back just to get to Fitness First at Wynsum Building. While if I were to go to Gold’s, it is but a few steps away from my cubicle.To top it off, it’s almost free, courtesy of JG (how can I not heart my work?). So that’s that. Practicality wins over sentimentality this time. That’s my own small contribution to the universal attempt to survive recession. But I would so miss Fitness First. Free coffee, juice, spa, sauna and facebook! I will never forget. Ever. But it’s moving on time, perk-wise. Sigh.

On the flipside of things, I received a text from a friend I didn’t expect to receive anything from for the next three months (or more!) He wanted to meet up for a chat but I was already in China (translation: dreamland) when he texted. I replied in the morning and said next time he should text me earlier than 10pm. Staying up late is already alien to me unless I have a pre-scheduled night-out. I didn’t expect to hear from him because we haven’t been okay for awhile. Although we tried to clear the air a couple of times, I felt there was still some…damn air! Know what I mean? And for my part, being okay with him means being okay with another person who I’m not sure I’m okay with. I’m babbling, I know. Basta ganun.  As Santi would say, “D pa kayo READY,Mommy. “, with matching grunts of laughter. Hmpf.  This is one of those times I wish my husband is wrong. Nevertheless, air or no air, I will show up at the off-chance he invites me out again. Sentimentality wins this round. Mina and practicality lose. Bleh.


I watched the Oscar’s last week as I usually do every year. I look out for the speeches more than anything else.   And for this year, one speech reduced me to tears and continues to reverberate in me since then.

After winning best original song for Slumdog Millionaire, Indian composer A.R. Rahman had this to say, ” All my life, I had  a choice between hate and love. I chose love and here I am.”

Not only did I adore his song Jai Ho and his speech afterwards, I also want to choose love. Never stop choosing love. And maybe I’d find myself  at the center-stage of life and win an Oscar for the living of it.




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