Posted by: minz | March 9, 2009

Eraserheads the Final Set: Why I came

They came in droves. All 100,000 strong and I was one of them. Eraserheads:The Final Set. From the time the last concert came to a tragic halt  due to Eli’s stroke, I knew that there was no way I wouldn’t come to the continuation. After seven months of  waiting, it finally arrived!

As soon as we set foot in MOA, it was evident that this time around it would be bigger, better and , for the love of God, complete! No  lead singers collapsing, no uncomfortable silence between the four of them, just pure unadulterated ‘Heads music!

And I was right. As soon as the fab four came out with their opening song, Magasin, the crowd erupted to wild cheers! “Nakita kita sa isang magasin, dilaw ang iyong suot buhok mo’y green!”  Woohoo! Nevermind that Santi, C and I were squished beyond belief, I was euphoric! Besides, it wouldn’t be an Eraserheads concert if you can see earth from under your feet! So there we were, singing, dancing and screaming to the soundtrack of our life. By the time they started to hum the first strains of “Pare Ko”, I was afraid the whole reclaimed area of MOA will simply disappear into the sea. Everyone jumped and went nuts!

Somewhere in the crowd was Pin, someone from my distant past who is still a dear, dear friend of mine. I gave her the Cutterpillow album as a gift and she dedicated “Fine Time” to me. I’d never met a more loyal ‘Heads fan than her. We’d dissect the lyrics, the motivations behind them, how Eli is a genius and how much we loved their music. That night she was with her partner and I was with Santi. But the concert bound us together still! So when , surprisingly, the Heads performed our obscure song , “Fine Time” , I looked up in the sky and whispered quietly, “Pin, are you hearing this? We’re kids all over again!”

“I hope we could spend more time together
A few hours is better than never
If we could only make it longer
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
I think it’s time to clean your car
I’m not home if someone calls
We could go out for a day
We could sing some songs we hate
Why not swim in someone’s pool
Jump a crane 12 storeys high
Have a picnic in my room
Sit outside and watch the moon

We could drive in to the malls
Or stay home and watch TV
I don’t care if we don’t have lunch
Just as long as we have iced tea
I could take you to a film
Hunt for books and magazines
Is that new song out on sale
I think that dress is kinda pale

There are times when we disagree
My heart sings to the sea
I’m always anxious when we kiss on me
Please don’t tire of understanding me
Being with you makes me feel so safe
I don’t care if we go out of town
I don’t care if we sleep all day
Basta’t kayakap ka ay okey

A whole week would be fine
A whole month would be fine
A whole year would be fine
A decade would fine
A century would be fine
Fine, fine time
Forever would be fine. . .”

I think that was how it went down for most of us there. A trip to memory lane with the most influential Pinoy rock band ever. For his part, Santi never let go of my hand. Although we didn’t know each other when the Heads first burst into the scene, there is a quiet confort in me knowing that when I was growing up to their music, Santi was, too! And now I’m spending forever with someone who loves the Eraserheads as much as I do. Insane isn’t it?

That night might never happen again. And I’m just plain happy I was there to witness it. Proud as we were to have rocked the night away at the gig of all gigs, Santi and I couldn’t be more prouder of having lived in the generation of  the Eraserheads. We will tell Sofia all about them, you bet we will.


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