Posted by: minz | March 11, 2009

A bit of me and Santi


Sofia is almost done with toddler school and her progress report is out. Funny how it rings true that a child indeed takes bits and pieces from her parents that make up his/her own unique self.

Take for example my little girl here. Progress report says she’s very respectful in class, never fails to say “opo” and “po” to her teachers. Now that is so like Santi.Sobrang magalang.  Makes me so proud. Especially when I need to polish my own “po” and “opo” skills. I guess, in this arena, the mommy will get schooled:)

On the other hand, her teachers wrote that she is also fiercely independent. She showed no signs of separation anxiety. Apparently, my daughter , unlike her classmates, never shed a tear, even on her first day of toddler school. She waved goodbye to yaya and strode off to class like she’s just going to the bathroom. That …reeks of MOI, excuse me! I couldn’t wait to go to school when I was her age. Didn’t understand why everyone else was bawling around me. I’m relieved that she appears to like going to school and being very brave about it, too!

They also went to say that my Sofia is looking to be an…Artist. Yep, she makes beautiful drawings and loves building towers, blocks and the like. While that tickles me pink, the thought that I might have a Picasso in the making, it makes me wonder……where did that come from? Santi and I can’t draw a circle if we tried! There must be some kind of gene mutation at work which we surely don’t mind. After all, apart from  being like Daddy and Mom, she is her own person. As it should be. But I wish she could be my “mini-me” just a bit longer.

After all, she’s only three!




  1. What a cutie!

    Happy blogoversary!

  2. Thanks, Teena!

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